CC Radio

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I had really waited months for @*TGJ* (@That_Guy_Joe) to finish up with this project of his before pitching this to the forums and staff, but now that The Cubic Times is coming soon, my patience has just officially snapped.

Joe had made a Realm called "CC Radio" and it isn't entirely finished, but hopefully you can still find it somewhere somehow. If not, I'll figure out something.

So, what IS This Radio, and what is it supposed to do? Back in October when I just started, it was pitched as a "more affordable alternative to the "holla" system. The idea was to pitch a minute of "air time" for about 100 Cubits, or 1 string of text if time elapses before the player is finished typing. One minute can get players A LOT of words out, especially for fast typists with a good PC keyboard. The tradeoff, however, is that players can voluntarily choose to tune in OR out of certain stations (or opt out of radio listening outright). There is a prototype radio receiver inside Fort Knight's R&D wing to give an idea of a decoration that can be placed inside someone's realm. If it is set to on, then a specific station number will be prefixed (1, 2, 3, etc.). And only broadcasts from that station will fill the chat in that realm/room.

Joe and I were planning on designating control of Station 1 for ourselves, where we could do community talk shows and the like. And since we'd own the station, we don't have to pay our own 100c fee because, again, we built the whole place. :P
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