CARS!! (Suggestion)

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Sooo, since the cars are coming out soon and everybody is very excited! but some players are excited while their also worried they wouldn't be able to purchase it because they can't afford it so i have a solution for that!!

My Suggestions

Craft-able Cars

-Cars that are craft-able

-They can be dye-able to any color or example: red dye+black dye+car= firey car/ pink dye+ white dye+yellow dye+car= flowery girlish car(for Angel)
-But they are slower & less stable than buy-able cars

Buy-able Cars

-Can be ONLY purchased in the Cubit Store
- NOT dye-able
-Different designs with different stats (example: Jet Black- Speed:4 Stability:3/ Hot Red- Speed:3 Stability:4)
-Price range: 5000c-7000c

Note: these are my personal ideas/suggestions if you don't agree or have any other suggestion feel free to comment bellow :D
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