The White Star


The Platinum Paladin finally returned home after his extremely long trip to foreign dimensions. When he got back, he couldn't help but kiss the ground! While he was away learning super awesome magic and seriously studying the power of the Spirit Blade, he still could not help but feel homesick. He missed his friends, he missed talking to them, and most of all, he was excited to show off all the cool new tricks he learned along the way! In fact, during his off-time when he was NOT busy commencing the Initiation process for Magic Power, he spent all of 2 Earth Weeks completely learning how to drive. And he came back with an official, government-sanctioned, Photo-ID Driver's License to prove his proficiency behind the wheel - and his citizenship to Qbee Land.

He did not see Mega, but he could sense the presence of his spitfire friend. He knew in his heart that Mega was an Initiate just like he himself was. The Platinum Paladin was well-rested and restless; he could not wait another second to get started on his greatest project since the completion of Fort Knight.

First, he went to the bank. He OWNED the bank, which allowed Qbees and even other citizens to transfer and stock up Cubits for safe keeping (or contingency planning). The Platinum Paladin was there to collect his weekly portfolio income. Immediately after, he ran to the Hardware Wing of the Miscellaneous Store so he could buy the supplies and Advanced Weapon Crafting Workstation he would need to make top-notch armaments. He specifically emphasized the efficiency for working with "Exotic Weapons" such as his Plasma Rifle, as well as his planned Spirit Blade. All along the trip home, he could not stop thinking about his plans for that Spirit Blade, but now was the time to actually work on putting those ideas to paper!

He had studied exhaustively about Spirit Blades and Magic Lore, two specialized scholar skillsets that harmonized with each other and gave him additional insight into how Spirit Blades channel the heart and soul. The blade's color is not dictated by any crystal; it is a visual representation of the individual's aura. And that color tends to have "color symbolism" relative to the wielder's personality.

Piling all his time, money, skills, and efforts together, he bolstered himself and exploded with a dramatic speech. "This is no exaggeration," he rallied to himself, "What I will make today will shake the grounds and bring a tear to the eyes of the Gods. My Patron God Mark Cubell will be nothing less than PROUD to see me dedicate this project to following in HIS monumental footsteps!" Given all the work he had done while he was away (he still had to run the Order by any means necessary), he had enabled his unique Rallying power to directly benefit himself. It wasn't easy, but this moment made that investment totally pay off.

Once all the inner strength had been saturated and distilled within the massive halls and walls of his castle, The Platinum Paladin focused all that strength and enthusiasm inward, basking in the great glow as he drew out the plans for his Spirit Blade. It shaped up beautifully. He then took to meditating so he could use his Spirit Blade skills to align the power core with the crystal amplification chamber, while sheathing the array with fiber radiation shielding, and finally closing the case up. His spirit was in tip-top shape that late night, the peak time of his power. The Platinum Paladin was always a night owl, and working right at midnight proved to be the absolute best time for the stars to align.

It took only a couple minutes of silence, but the achievement was complete. the pieces snapped together, adhesion held together, and he could just TELL from gut feeling alone, that the entirety of his incredible awesomeness was fruitful. Once he awoke from the crafting ritual, the blade handle gently floated down from the heavens right into the palms of his two hands. His heart flared up, and as if on command -


With iconic sound effects, the blade erupted well under control and shot out a whole block's length away from him, and the blade was glowing with a *BLINDINGLY* bright white light. White, according to local myth and folklore, meant someone whose soul embraced reverence and purity, an untainted soul clean from vice and moral damage. In essence, it meant The Platinum Paladin should be known as "The Light Side" incarnate!

To anyone other than himself, it would feel like staring straight into a glowing white star! Thus, that is how he decided the name for this amazing Legendary Weapon:

The White Star

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