About the policy change (games of chance)

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Hello fellow Qbees and moderators,

Recently I've read about the new policy change about payaways and games of chance.
I expected there would be more discussion/ questions on the forums.

Personally I don't participate in payaways/games of chance, but I do have a fair game of chance.
It was an easy and not so very popular game because i didn't advertise it . It was basically a room full of chests and people could pay 50c to choose a chest and get the contents of the chest. the content of the chest differs widely from cash regs, wands, cowl, tutus, mannequins, all sort of hats, and usually some kind of head price like zombie head
The content of the chests were worth on average 50-100c i guess.
I am losing my point right now.

Do I have to remove the chest game because of the policy change?

If so maybe the Qbees have a suggestion:
What i should do with my new room?


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