The Siege of Fort Help: Part 2

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The epic conclusion of this chapter with Tales of Cubic Castles, we finally got the first TRUE mission complete! And compared to the entire breadth of 4 REAL HOURS of Playing TotO, this story encapsulates only the HIGHLIGHTS of what happened!


Nightfall draped over the sea of sands, where back at Fort Help, The Platinum Paladin was pacing around, trying to plan the best approach for dealing with the legion of Demonic Orcs (Dorcs for short) that were pounding right at the gates. They had massive weapons constructed, safely behind a wall set up 50 Blocks south of Fort Help. Batgirl was too ill from heat exhaustion, keeping her bound to the beds. Moneybags was fast asleep, while Sir Lumi regularly drifted in and out of consciousness. He really tried to stay afoot, but he was hardly effective.

Then a shadowy figure loomed over the Northwestern Horizon. A Paladin Sentry alerted the Fort, but with enough time and a good look through a magnifying glass, it was revealed to be Joe, one of the Paladins. The trek wore out Joe like the rest of them, who also found he could hardly focus.

And then there was Mega, the crowned Champion of combat - if not in the making. He was FAR too impatient. While The Platinum Paladin was struggling to unite a fighting force among his best Paladins, Mega could not bear any more waiting around. Taking the fight into his own hands, he plunged over Fort Help's walls and ravenously charged straight for the enemy emplacement!

The Platinum Paladin groaned and just sighed, "Kids these days..."

While Mega was throwing caution to the Wind, Joe at first tried to follow suit, though as soon as he was over the wall, a cannonball smashed into his unshielded noggin, throwing him to the ground. The Busy Miner went up against all odds, leaping over the wall, hoisting Joe onto his back, and carrying him to safety, while dodging cannon fire from both foes and friendlies alike. It was a serious act of bravery that left the rest impressed.

The Platinum Paladin tried firing on the cannons to stop them, but there were too many for him to effectively clear. Mega was still stuck dealing with lots of fire. So The Platinum Paladin changed his approach. He once again rallied his troops and he assembled them together.

Someone got the idea to sneak by digging a tunnel underground. Moneybags pitched in, and eventually so did The Busy Miner. Working together, they were effectively digging slightly slower than the charge was running. For making a tunnel, they kept tremendous pace.

As Mega kept shaking off cannon shots left and right, he heard a distinct sound from the distance. It was an ear-piercing whistle being blown repeatedly. And The Platinum Paladin flew himself over the wall, hurrying to reach Mega. The rest of the Fort were not far behind. They made it look like they were going "over the top" as if fighting in a great war. The cannons were divided too much among the NPC troops, so they left Mega alone. He tried to patch himself up, but to no avail.

But then, a single cannon landed a direct hit straight on Mega's abdomen! The shot blasted him back onto his butt, yet with all his inner strength, he defied his body's failing and pushed onward. What should've completely knocked him out was almost ignored. The Dorcs were shocked, staggered, and even slightly scared. Mega's fanatic aggression was a sight to behold!

And yet, right as Mega leaned against the enemy's wall, he laid there to patch himself up as best as he could. His clothes were sandy and dirty, and now bloody. It was not effective even for acting as a temporary bandage. A minute later, and The Platinum Paladin sees the waning might of his friend. In a moment's notice, the order was given: Rescue Mega before he keels over!

Expertly trained medics eventually made it over, where Mega was floundering around with his insufficient knowledge of first aid. A quick jolt here and there brought him back up to full strength. And boy was Mega *FUMING*!
Meanwhile, The Platinum Paladin was not far behind. As Mega unleashed his flaming signature move onto the closest Dorc, The Platinum Paladin hoisted himself over the sophisticated and spiked barricade, setting down a spare Clan Stone, and summoning all of his Paladins right into the thick of the action! The surprising influx of numbers was enough to disorganize the Dorcs.

On top of that, many Paladins sacrificed themselves by placing fearsome bombs that could one-shot even the toughest Qbee. For the sake of time, many Dorcs died from these explosions, but so did the rest of the assistants to the Order. And the entire team of heroes were finishing off what was left of the Dorcs...
Until a giant ELITE Dorc pounded out from beyond, yelling a goofy howl and shaking its body. It wielded a monumentally awesome dual-pronged energy blade that effortlessly one-shotted any cowardly Dorcs standing in its way. Even if it weren't for shoving them out, the demonstration made an example of the hapless minions, as if to show what would happen to our brave Paladins. They all tried to hit the Elite, and even The Platinum Paladin missed every chance.

But then The Platinum Paladin cried, "CONCENTRATE FIRE!!!" All FIVE Paladins focused their entire efforts on a single glorious saturation effort. Lumi with a commandeered turret, The Platinum Paladin with his Plasma Rifle, Moneybags and Joe with their efforts, and finally Mega dropping in from above out of nowhere to deliver the final blast that brought the thing to its knees. The amount of destructive power levied as they worked together was nothing other than beautiful. This Elite was meant to pose a challenge, and yet even this was overcome by the heroes.

In the end, there was a medal ceremony and bountiful rewards for all who participated. The Busy Miner won the Laurel Blade for his courageous success in saving Joe from certain death by cannons, and The Platinum Paladin was decorated with a Superior Unit Award for his massive undertaking to enact organization among his troop and for pulling the dozens of impulsive individuals together to fight as a single force.

It was time to rest and to celebrate!
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