The Siege of Fort Help: Part 1

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This was made thanks to 2 Real Hours of play with Tales of Cubic Castles! Next time for Sunday, we'll work out a way to mute the Realm so that only the players and Game Master can talk, while anyone else who wants to stay can watch but not interfere.

This event is one of the big turning-points in the mythos, so this particular story is going to take a while.


Our heroes marched several hundred blocks towards Fort Help. Among them were The Platinum Paladin, Mega, The Only Moneybag's, The Busy Miner, and a new recruit calling herself "batgirl". The Sun beat down on the team like a sadistic lover, making the more heavily armored members sweat. Thankfully there was no resistance other than the natural elements. But that was enough to make "batgirl" completely pass out from the heat. She barely stumbled through the gates of Fort Help.

When they arrived, a couple of regular Paladins were thundering their voices, as they cried out, "COMMANDER ON DECK!" "COMMANDER ON DECK!"

"Boy are we glad to see you!" The Platinum Paladin gathered the troops, and he gave them an epic speech like something from an action movie!
"My friends, I know of the challenge from Demonic Orcs. And yes, I know we jokingly call them Dorcs for short. But make no mistake, fighting them has required a serious amount of preparation, where all of us have made ourselves at our absolute best! I am proud to look upon you all here today under this brutal sun and baking sand, as we stand together to defend our keeps and push back the anarchists and scumbags who wish to rid existence of Order! We will fight and crush them, FOR THE ORDER!"
There was a cheer, and the whole group found themselves performing sharper than they've ever seen during their training. The Platinum Paladin had effectively RALLIED them to the cause!

The first wave of the entire army charged and pounded at the gates! One or two of the Lieutenants were flickering in and out of consciousness. But The Platinum Paladin led the Initiative, with his mighty Plasma Rifle! He had spent extensive time and effort learning the complex mechanisms so he could wield it with full efficiency. And yet, the heat made it hard for him to aim at first. His arms swayed as he just barely glanced the first Dorc. But he still had another action left, so he tried again. This time, it was a perfect hit, knocking the demon out.

Next was Mega, who was flailing as he just threw himself right into the thick of the action! Screaming war cries like, "THIS IS FOR FORT HELP," he plunged headlong as he engaged his signature move: INFERNO FIST! His heavy metal gauntlet burst into a controlled blast of fire, enhancing his already powerful Body Attack. Combine his specialized combat training with the enthusiasm of his leader, and there was no way he could miss. In fact, the blow was so earth-shattering, the Dorc he landed on was completely shoved back like the entire power of a bomb was funneled into a front-facing cone. That Dorc died from the single impact, and the flying carcass bowled over two more Dorcs! Mega taunted, "I thought this would be a CHALLENGE!"

Moneybags could not do much this round, as he tried to reinforce the fortifications. But the inner workings of the cannon array was beyond his knowledge, and he couldn't do much more than accidentally jam up the systems. The cannon operators had to pause so they could work out the snag, wasting their entire first turn.

The Demonic Orcs tried their best to nail Mega and Moneybags, each scoring only a glancing hit onto their respective targets. The two who were completely blown back got up and spent their entire rounds setting up a mortar cannon, fully intent on bringing the walls down.

But The Busy Miner, right hand of The Platinum Paladin, was not content with seeing Mega in harm's way. He lunged forward with his standard sword, and he hacked the arm of the Demonic Orc. And he slashed again, finishing the target. Kill confirmed!

The Platinum Paladin once again reclaimed lead of the charge, utilizing his unique advantage to full effect: Ranged Attack! With targets about 20 Blocks away, and with the Dorcs hunkered down from focusing on the mortar work, the plasma shots nailed both targets, dropping one and injuring the other. The Platinum Paladin could get one last shot out before having to reload, so he hit the injured Dorc for deadly effect.

Mega continued using his raw fists to beat the ever-living daylights out of the nearest Dorc, grinding it into pulp...But before anyone else could continue, out from the sky came swooping in Sir Luminous, The Luckiest Paladin Alive! This extra hero reinforcing the team won a preemptive advantage, easily mopping up the rest of them.

Once the wave was over, there was applause...then the Dorcs changed tactics. They dropped a Spirit Bomb into the Fort. Most had barely resisted the effects, but it drained Mega of his charge, keeping him from further unleashing his fists of fire.

Since that did not work, the Dorcs changed tactics AGAIN! now they were shelling the walls with large artillery like catapults. Sir Luminous tried to shoot at the wall of warships with his pistol, but targets that are 50 Blocks away are well outside the maximum range. First shot lost momentum, but Luminous' luck made the second shot arch very high, beaning a Dorc on the head for marginal damage.

The Siege continued through the night into the day, as the Paladin team both rested and reorganized their plan of attack.

And this is where Part 1 ended.

Stay tuned for Part 2! :D
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