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Okay so anyone who knows me will know that pretty much all i live for is building and even more specifically building adventure maps! Time and time again i find myself saying i wish i could do this...
so i thought i would do something about it and suggest some ideas so @SirKewberth listen in :)

Race bumpers: Now im not quite sure if they can already do this (if so sorry) but it would be cool if the start and finish line could be placed in separate rooms. This would allow people to create speed runs for their adventure map which would be a pretty cool competition event.

Objective bumpers When hit this bumper would display the current objectives in the room you are in (these are written in by the owner of the bumper)when reaching the objective location there would be a secondary bumper (much like the checkpoint block) this would tick off the objective for you. Multiple blocks could be synced up with this to create multiple objectives in the rooms

objective doors These doors would be much like password sentries except the only way through the door would be to complete all objectives in the room (this would reduce cheating as people could no longer give other players the passwords for doors.

adventure book similar to warp crunches when the player hits the block an adventure book is created exclusive to that realm. Any notes the player has through the game can be written into this adventure book, also when hitting an objective bumper the objectives of the current room would be added.

adventure sign this block is used with the adventure book and would work as a sign displaying information, but would have an option to 'save to adventure book' which would add the info to your book. These signs could come in a variety of colours for different themes.

updated mannequins i suggest the option to 'speak to NPC' this turns mannequins into NPC'S and gives you information much like a sign would. (now we no longer have to put speech signs next to mannequins)

locked doors currently we have the bumpers that allow you to hit and unlock a door (forgive me if this already works) i suggest the bumpers having multiple options so you can set the time limit before the door will close again (10 seconds,30 seconds,1 minute, etc) also the ability to sync the lock block to a specific door, this allows for multiple locked doors in a room each with their own lock block.

levers could be used for multiple uses one possible use is setting up multiple levers in a room, so that the player must pull all of them for the door to open.

lever doors as explained above this is a stamp like the sentry stamps to be added to a door

pressure pads to encourage the social aspect of the game, these could be used to open up multiplayer only areas of the game for example: a door that only opens when two people both stand on the pressure pads. This gives the players rewards for playing with friends by opening up bonus multiplayer areas.

checkpoint warps this requires two blocks, the first block is placed at the start of the adventure map and the second at your 'checkpoint location' When the player hits the block at the checkpoint location this creates a warp feature between the block at the start and the checkpoint location allowing the player to leave the realm and when coming back, teleport to the last checkpoint. This would stop people from using warp crunches as checkpoints, which can be given to other players allowing them to skip parts of the game without playing them.

tripwires when a player walks through a trip wire this sets off a trap within a few blocks radius, this can be used with traps such as fire traps. Rather than have a fire trap that goes of every few seconds it would be cool to use hidden fire traps that only go off when accidentally activated by an unaware qbee!

bomb trap to be used with the trip wire, drops a bomb on a poor qbee!

hidden spikes like mecho spikes but cannot be seen until trip wire is activated

adventure loot new weapons such as swords,bows as well as various armours to be added, these can be discovered within adventure maps to help the player progress

potions gives qbees bonus abilities for a few seconds for example fire resistant! these can only be used in the adventure map they were found in and would allow the player to get to new areas for example using the fire resistant potion to wade through lava!

adventure currency this is a currency obtained through an adventure map distributed through prize machines and can be used to purchase items in the adventure map. for example a player could set up a shop mid way through an adventure map that sells the players potions,armour etc.

moving wall block this block has two uses, the block periodically moves in and out of the wall, this could be used to create timed staircases that retract if you are not quick enough to climb or to push poor qbees to their doom if they do not pass the block at the right time!

moving platforms this platform would move forwards and backwards or left and right, up to a certain distance.

fightable mobs who doesn't want to be able to fight enemys on the adventure maps, this would add way more options and an interesting dimension to the maps

boss mobs to create those much needed boss roomspuzzle's the survival bumper this bumper when activated would cause qbees to suffer fall damage and the ability to drown under water. This could be used to stop people jumping off things and cheating or cool puzzles to an adventure map.
jump bumper a jump bumper that stops people from being able to jump which could be very useful for certain adventures.

all qbees are equal bumperthis bumper sets a qbees health and jump height to a default setting so that everyone's experience in the adventure is the same! this doesn't have to be the health and jump height set without perks but could allow newbies temporary jumper man and brawny perks for the duration of the map.
the new shrink bumper with the addition of this new bumper there are many possibilities. I that the shrunken qbees should have reduced jump height and distance. Also a timed feature for the bumper could add great puzzles.
current blocks the game has some Amazing blocks, I would like to see hlafs,stairs and columns of all blocks! This would Add so much to the builders tool set!
Adventure maps
  1. Do you play adventure maps and how do you feel about more updates42 votes
    1. I hate them nd i dont ever want to see them updated!!
    2. i love them,questing is my life please give us more updates!!!
    3. I dont really care either way but sure why not add them


  • $uper Tiger$uper Tiger Member
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    I want new fighting mobs
  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
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    Lots of cool ideas. Some easier than others. I agree we need more along these lines.
  • AidenPlayzAidenPlayz Member
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    Cool Ideas!!
    I hope some of it gets added :)
  • Space_fetusSpace_fetus Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
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    Thanks guys im glad you like the ideas :)
  • BlueIn-92BlueIn-92 Member
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    The objective block.
  • 35.05 Karma
    i love the sound of everything here! lots of things i can challenge my clan to.
    maybe a huge moving maze...mwuhaha
  • QuackersQuackers Member
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    +1 fightable mobs and boss mobs! :D
  • Space_fetusSpace_fetus Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
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    well the polls for these ideas show some good feedback :)
  • LazydanLazydan Member
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    Yes love this idea, all of it,. >_<
  • Space_fetusSpace_fetus Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
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    wow found this thread from the bottom of my discussion pile, still loads of ideas here i would personally love to see.
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    Wow gladly you bumped this thread , i always wanted to put a +1 to these lol

    Can you add these ?
    1:Quake bumper:Set the duration , strength and time

    2:Musical sentry:You set certain notes and when the following notes are played , it gets unlocked (Door sentry maybe)

    3:Deep cave stamp :Gravel keeps falling on and the visibility is dim , but not purely dark
  • IronFishIronFish Member
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    +1 NPCs are the best

    some of them remind me of minecraft tho
  • 122.30 Karma
    Yes ^_^!!! These things would encourage people to make adventure maps as there would be more things to work with.
  • B L A N KB L A N K Member
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    +100 and for the adventure currency, I mean...we do have gold and silver ore, why not have it so that we can craft gold and silver coins to use as the adventure currency?? Just a thought.
    (or that currency could be obtained only from mobs to make it more difficult to acquire)

    [additional thought]
    one mob could be a Grey slime that is slightly larger than average slimes and can do a jump smash move to qbees that deals damage similar to coming into contact with one. They could have a re-spawn rate of 3-5mins and drop silver coins on death with a chance of receiving some higher value gold coins.
    A boss mob I thought of could be a Giant Red Slime that stays fixed to a spot but can produce grey and green slimes to fight for it. The slimes it produces could have a life span of 10 seconds to prevent lag so they auto die if not killed immediately. On death the Red Slime could drop gold coins and a rare chance drop of special armor that would give a little slime damage resistance. Also to prevent too much lag you can only have one Red Slime per room/realm.
  • Sir BeckleySir Beckley Member
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    o my gosh these are such great ideas! imagine an entirely new game mode of player,
    and since there are players that can use these items there can be an infinity amount of choices!
  • godfreak02godfreak02 Member
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    i want more quest without buying the extra pack
  • CubicPencilCubicPencil Member
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    This is amazing! I love adventures! Allowing NPCs to talk sounds epic
  • *MaryMoon**MaryMoon* Member
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    Love all the updates! There will always be things we like/don't like. But I think that make it better because each of us are good at dif things... SO who wins what will vary..
  • Ms.kawai mopMs.kawai mop Member
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    Wow gladly you bumped this thread , i always wanted to put a +1 to these lol

    Can you add these ?
    1:Quake bumper:Set the duration , strength and time

    2:Musical sentry:You set certain notes and when the following notes are played , it gets unlocked (Door sentry maybe)

    3:Deep cave stamp :Gravel keeps falling on and the visibility is dim , but not purely dark

    Musical sentry ?! o.o
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