The Beginning Of The Only Moneybag's

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Spoiler: Chapter 1

I was born in a little Qbee village, far away from all the lands of Cubic castles... The people in the village were all excellent at robotics. Everyday we would make some new fancy robot. Times where good.. Well mostly. I grew up working in a blacksmiths workshop making metal pieces for robots, I loved it everyday.. Watching the smiling faces of all the townspeople as I handed out what they had ordered with the finest quality. Oh how I loved that town, it was a very happy community that always helped each other and we had no problems except the odd quarrel... It was all carefree. Up until one day some time long ago there was a fight... I remember the flashes and the explosions.. The screams of a happy village. My parents had told me to run so I did, I remember looking back and seeing them killed by an explosive. I shed a tear and said to myself I would never forget them.. I still havn't. I walked and walked days on end trying to survive slowly dying as I go along... One day I had given up and I passed out. When I woke back up I was in a place I have never seen before, there was some people standing by me, I had thanked then great fully for taking me from the endless plains. After a while I had learnt about this place Cubic Castles and the lands and people in it.. Today I hold a riot helmet as a memory of my village for I had made if there.. I do not know who had the mind to attack my carefree people.. I stand as the last sole survivor of my village once inhabited by smart happy Qbee's....


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    I think you need to change most of the "where" pop-ups into "were". It's a small typo, but it's partially bugging me. :/ Also it's not great fully; it's gratefully. :D

    THAT SAID! Grammar aside, it's nice having some more backstory. :P

    Also, I smell a role-playing opportunity here! ;)
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