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Hello :c
I'm just wondering what is Cubic Castle Minimum Requirements?
as you all know, The Dev is not showing the min. requirement to play Cubic Castle on the official website.
So i check it on Steam and they display the min. requirements which will looks like this :
Cubic Castle - Minimum System Requirement

As you can see '-' it say Cubic Castle need min. 4gb of ram and Core 2 Processor or Higher '-'
But lol I played Cubic Castle a long time ago with potato laptop with 1gb of ram and a Intel Celeron '-'
and the result, it runs smoothly, except if there is so much floating item or item on glasses in a Realm.

This thread do not mean anything, I just wanted to share it '-' btw, please answer the poll that I made below.

NB : I did not realize the ss was too mini so here's the big one.

Cubic Castle - Minimum System Requirement


  • I had a laptop with i3 proccesor, 4gb of ram, nvidia 930m vga, the game runs smoothly and no lag even there is so many item on a realm.
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