Offline This Week

Taking this week off to decide whether or not to continue with this game since NOBODY can be trusted. One of the first friends i made in this game and a trusted officer in my clan stole not just from me but stole raffle presents, cleaned out clan realms and stole from clan members' residences in the housing quarter. OVER CHRISTMAS. Just feeling very down and disillusioned about it n not very fun to be around. Not naming names There were witnesses saw her take stuff. I know who she is. She knows who she is. I dont see the point trying to run a clan or play a game where not even your best in-game friend you've known over a year can be trusted, even for 15 minutes.
I apologize to my clan and to those invited to the HPS Holiday Party over the thefts that wrecked our party and the holiday. I will try to make things right before i leave.
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