Story of a prank...on *JulieSings*

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Ok so this is a complete TRUE story...from a place far far away from most of ya'll called Malaysia...
Once Upon a truth it was my school's camp and while julie wasn't in my school i asked her to come with our school to our camp and on the 2nd day of our friend called Elly tells julie that on that night were going jungle tracking (we were staying in the jungle) at 12am and julie believed it so everyone at the camp played along to make julie believe that were going on a jungle tracking at finally it was 11:45pm (im not sure i think it was around that time) and we told julie to go get ready so she went and changed her clothes and wore clothes suitable for climbing the mountain and she put a VERY smelly insect repellent (there was ALOT of mosquitoes) and we just told her that we'll put the insect repellent on the way up so she wore her socks and her shoes and 5 of us girls started going on the path to the mountain me, julie and elly were leading and the other 2 were behind and julie was just runing so fast and sweating so much and me and elly were just laughing but julie didn't get suspicious so the 2 othe girls they talked to 2 of the boys to also start going up so julie wont be suspicious so 2 of the boys ran and caught up with us and said "HURRY UP THE REST ALREADY LEFT" so then we reached a place where there was a sign which said "DANGER!" So we went back down and we went to our teacher and said "where did the rest go? Did they leave without us *wink* *wipnk* *wink*?" And the teacher was confused at first but then she understood and said "oh yes they went that way" so we started going that way and on the way we got more ppl to join us and trick julie so we reached a point which we were ALL scared cuz it was VERY dark and that was the point which we all shouted "YOU JUST GOT PRANKED!!" THE END.
U can ask *JulieSings* to tell u how she fell for it xD that was the best prank i've ever pulled off!!


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