♥ Letters to Santa ♥ (Closed/Delivering Gifts Now)

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Ho ho howdy y'all! Since it is the Holiday season and I have a little free time on my hands, I will be hosting a Holiday themed player event, Letters to Santa.

Write a letter to Santa and leave it here in this thread, letters may also contain poems and pictures. You must include the realm and location of your donation table, so that I may have somewhere to drop the gifts off at. Please understand I may not be able to provide you with exactly what you asked for but everyone who enters a letter will receive a gift.

Follow the TOS.
Be Patience.
One letter per person.
No alternate accounts.

Spoiler: Santa's List
Once your gifts have been delivered your user name will appear here.
Reaper Bear
Baby Nelson
Businessman Bunny
Royale King
elemental god
$uper Tiger
*Sir MileStone*
The Platinum Paladin
Fire Charmander
- Angelica -
I'm a poor noob



  • PerfctPerfct Member
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    This is so sweet of you, Athena! It's really great to see you active again. :D
  • Athena ShyAthena Shy In TheTimMan's arms! Member
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    Perfct said:

    This is so sweet of you, Athena! It's really great to see you active again. :D


    Thank you Perfct!


  • Pickles2001Pickles2001 Member
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    Interesting how do I do it?
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    Dear Santa,

    I am not as interested in material goods. I am mostly interested in the sentimental values. I am proud of my clan, The Order of Paladins. I wish only glory to the Order. I wish for good, reliable friendships build upon a foundation of solid trust, which is precious given how easy it is to lie over the Web. I've seen lies destroy lives, and I wish for that to stop. But that's like asking for "World Peace", so I won't blame you if you can't grant that.

    If you insist on material objects, I want only the things not yet implemented. Specifically, that would include Platinum Ore, CARS, and working JETPACKS.

    If you can do miracles, I need a [REDACTED] to embrace. Or an adult-sized plush figure would do if nothing else, something to cuddle with during those lonely nights. :3

    But if you visit me at Fort Knight, it would be nice if you left me a letter in my mailbox, so I can verify you actually decided to stop by. There IS a Donation Table (the checker pattern) inside Paladin City Center, right at the Wall that separates the City from Fort Knight. You can use that, if you insist on leaving behind any material goods. But Paladin City belongs to my clan as a whole, not just to me. Any offering could just as well go to one of my Lieutenants, and I would be equally happy.

    Regardless, thank you for taking the time to read (and hopefully enjoy) my extensive letter. Like all my writings, I try to be as thorough as possible. Keep up the hard work!

    Yours Truly,
    The Platinum Paladin
    Sir Qbalot Knight
  • JAXsepticeyeJAXsepticeye Member
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    Dear Santa,

    I wish you were real and I wish i'd knew where this letter is going to.
    but I would like a pet reindeer for christmas, cuz i have never owned one before ;-; and feel like the only one who has never had a reindeer or a purple scarf ;w;.

    but I would really love uhm uhm anything worth calling something from santa... coal? ;w;

    "Santa" can drop it off in my realm called "Gusto Squisito de Jaxius"
    yours truly,

    Spoiler: Here's Where I Will be Hoping my present will apear
  • Pickles2001Pickles2001 Member
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    Dear Santa

    All I want for christmas is pickles
    And maybe a pickle bumper

    From, pickles
  • Athena ShyAthena Shy In TheTimMan's arms! Member
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    J A X said:


    Please let me know the location of your donation table so I may drop off gifts there.
    Wonderful Letters ♥

  • RootbeerrRootbeerr Member
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    Dear Santa,
    Can I have a krampus?
    Just kidding I think your too poor to have one
    How about a nice ol bottle of rootbeer FER me?
    How about u send me a FLAMING Yule log though the mail, I'm sure the mailmen will be very happy :3

    (Not) Sincerely,

    PS Santa drop of the gift at rootbeerr's home, I'm sure there's a nice warm chimney for you!

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    Spoiler: My Letter

    Dear Santa.
    I hope everything's not too chaotic in your workshop! ^^
    I don't really have anything specific in mind for a gift. But anything'll make me happy =D
    But yknow, I've always wanted to be a slyme ; D
    Hopefully, I was good this year! :3

    Spoiler: Donation Table

    Donation Table is right at the door of the realm: The Bunny Department Store

    Also, Merry Christmas! :D
  • iKONICiKONIC Member
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    Dear Santa,

    Christmas is right around the corner.
    Light the Gifts of Joy under the roof's of our House.
    Let the authority rest upon their own order.
    As we dance around the ginger bread house.

    The children are singing, the gifts are waiting.
    The sky is crying white crystals unto earth.
    Santa, would you lend me a starry scarf?
    The Gingerbread man sings a beautiful song.

    A place where there is "Forever"
    A donation table awaits.
    Do not mistake it for the others.
    Because my realm will always have purple glass welcoming you.

    :D the realm is in Forever btw, do not include the "
    Try not mistaking it with the others.
    There will be a blue checkered platform with a chiseled cave door on ur left and a purple door on your front. Go to the Cave door and there you will see another Purple door in front. "If there are plasters on the floor and fancy cabinets forming a diamond on ur right with a autumn pile in next to a gold brickz thats the correct realm. Go to the purple door and leave the Xmas Gift in the donation table :3
    Edit: The donation table is now in my realm Forever :3. Don't worry, I put I sign that your in the correct realm.

    I just want to participate in the Contest but im poor and need c...
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    TO Santa ,
    So Santa I just want to let you know
    I need to be cozy this Christmas
    I want something to keep me warm
    I want a scarf
    If you can a starry scarf
    Xmas scarf works too
    Whatever you can do
    Thank you Santa
    -Good qbee Chewy
    And for the realm just chewbaccaisfunny's realm ty :]
  • Elemental godElemental god The netherlandsMember
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    dear santa;

    blocks and stuff doesnt really matter to me, 99% of my time in cc is talking anyways. but my asking for this xmas is one of the new xmas pack clothing items (since i am not able to get any clothing item from the pack), that would be awesome :) (i understands if you cant get that for me, instead a pow gift is good too :))

    Spoiler: location of a donation table

    in the realm god's realm you can dind some donation table, there are more realms called god's realm so you can see mine realm by the golden stairs with cobwebs on top and the sign with my name above the stairs

    nice to see you back athy! :D
  • 'Sir.Fox''Sir.Fox' Member
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    I would just like some rares to sell and try to make money.
    My realm is: xX__StormTrooper__Xx's Place. Donation table at entrance.

  • $uper Tiger$uper Tiger Member
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    Dear Santa:

    People always think about getting rich in cubic castles but i just want some christmas blocks to build something good and show others What else you can do in the game.I wanted to keep it simple and short.

    Yours truly;
    $uper Tiger

    Realm:Talha shopping mall

    Go left for the donation table ^^

  • ZikatisZikatis Member
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    Dear santa,

    I just want a better Clan so I wish I have some cubits(any amount of cubits thanks ) or a balloon or a slime costume( my favorite costume) just to help my fellow members so that's all i wanted i just need one of them :) thank you :3 and Merry Christmas.

    Truly yours
    From: *_-Zikatis-_*

    My Tip piggy is already at the side of the registers
    My donation tables are at the side of stairs
    Please let it happen T^T
    i sent my pictures below :)
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    Dear santa,
    Many pepole have said that you aren't real but I don't care of what pepole say,I belief in you,you made many pepole happy by getting them gifts,so may I ask for a gift,I just wish if you could present me a red ballon,it looks cool for me and amazing
    Thank you,
    With lovely and kind regards,

    My realm is:MileStone's shop
    My donation table location:near the entrie portal
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    J A X said:


    Please let me know the location of your donation table so I may drop off gifts there.
    Wonderful Letters ♥


    Here's the Donation Table
    City Donation Table

    Here's the Mailbox
    Fort Mail
  • iCantiWilliCantiWill Member
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    Dear Santa:

    Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is happiness because we see joy in people. It is forgetting self and finding time for others. It is discarding the meaningless and stressing the true values.
    This year i would like to get a pjs or a starry scard, i have been trying to get one, but i spent all my cubits on packs.
    Maybe this is too much, if so forget about the scarf and the pjs, i would like 2 boogers :3 to complete my collection :)

    Off topic:
    i tried to pick my nose, but couldn't get one.

    Realm name: iCantiWill's realm
  • Jerrynana123Jerrynana123 Member
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    Dear Santa,

    If you're not too busy. I would like a Baleful Box. Maybe some Cubits. Thanks, Santa!

    From, Jerrynana123
    P.S. My realm is Jerry's shop and my donation table is right of the entrance
    bandicam 2016-12-18 09-12-27-906
  • * UltimaZ ** UltimaZ * Member
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    Dear, Santa

    I'm the Emperor of SKY EMPIRE clan and i have many members.. and i always helps them with their builds, realm, making their shops. Also when they got scammed i talk to them to give morale support etc. help jailed scammers etc. it's really hard work and i don't have enough time to play alone cuz i really want to help my members. Having 350+ members is hard to handle lol.. i just wanted a Balloon or Orange Yellow Scarf or Christmas Scarf. any of those.. for this Christmas.. Thanks Santa!

    Realm Name : Cubit Mart

    santa 1
    santa 2
  • cosmix cowcosmix cow Member
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    Dear Santa
    i wish i have many cubits (any amount to help my friends too) and i wish i have pet reindeer lvl 49 and i wish i have balloon and dark wings thats all... and MERRY CHRISTMAS SANTA CLAUSE..

    truly yours
    from: cosmix cow

    realm name: fox's realm
    my donation tables are in a side of door
    my tip piggy is in a side of donation tables
    please this work :'(

    ill try to put picture
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    Dear Santa,

    Another year went by,
    And now Christmas is coming!
    I'm a little poor kid,
    I hope I can get something useful~

    Maybe something worthy,
    Or maybe something decorative,
    Else something shiny,
    That I can use to decorate my realm...

    If santa can't help on that,
    I wish I can get better shirts or scarf,
    So I wouldn't be cold on Chirstmas...
    And for the whole winter.

    Your lovely little pokemon,
    Fire Charmander

    Realm name: Charmander's Realm
  • ZikatisZikatis Member
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    Entering the realm there is mailbox

    Go down you will see the donation tables at the side of the stairs :D
    CUBIC 2

  • PEgamingPEgaming Member
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    Dear Santa,
    What have you been up to, and where are you?
    I am just a lonely cat trying to stay warm.
    I have been shunned by society
    because of my color
    Everyone thinks that
    black cats are unlucky
    So please, give me hope.
    Make me formidable.
    And make me a dinosaur or a monster
    But that will never happen.
    Something as small as me
    Can never wear something so big.
    But I can always try!
    If not, just keep me warm.
    With a scarf
    Purple is my favorite color.
    Please come at PE's Shopping Center.
    I made my master
    Set donation tables there.

    Michelle, my black cat.
    (or is it me, PE? :D)
  • - Angelica -- Angelica - Member
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  • Pickles2001Pickles2001 Member
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    The locations in my realm pickles2001's realm XD
  • DoglessDogless Member
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    Dear Santa, this year has been a wonderful year with many nice friends around me. Time flies, the year is ending really soon. I wish I can have a Black Cat or a starry scarf. If it's impossible for me to receive those well I just want happiness for my friends ;)

    Realm: Gracey
    Donation Table right at the Entrance
  • GlobbardGlobbard Member
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    Dear Santa,

    I don't always get the sense of what it is like having the Christmas Spirit, and while I may spent most of my time in the dark, I really want something to shed light above me inside my Gingerbread House. It maybe dark, but seeing the lights flutter above me will be of much joy.

    All I wish this Christmas, is a lot of Christmas Trees, any number will do, and fadey foam to apply it onto and see the shining spectacle of textureless lights.

    I maybe alone, but I am with my friends, but all of them are covered with sumptuous garments, with a pet by their side. I always wanted a pet, but I always fail to look after it, but today, I'm gonna change. A cute little reindeer by my side will always remind me of you Santa, for you have took the time to spread happiness, not just to me, but to others as well. If it is something you can't afford, I understand. But if you would take the time, and read this long letter, and grant me my wishes, then everything would be amazing.

    Sincerely, Globbard.

    P.S. My Realm Name is "The Isle of Mine". There is a donation table waiting for you to come once you have entered. :D
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