Quick Checkpoint Event :D

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The Quick Checkpoint Event!
It's simple, you just need to make the checkpoints green like this!
Random Event
You can make your own Checkpoint Tower Or Go To The Pirate Bay Store!
Although It must be 7 Checkpoint Blocks High!
You can Win by Taking a picture of you havin' the Checkpoints Green

It's not much but it's totally free! XD
1st Prize: 50 Level 5 Clanstone Blocks!
2nd Prize: 30 Level 3 Clanstone Blocks!
Eagence (He sent on PM)
3rd Prize: 20 Level 4 Clanstone Blocks!
I am noob and poor
4th Prize: 10 Level 2 Clanstone blocks!
Fire Charmander
You'll also gonna need a wand!
Wonder why?
Well figure it out!


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