Eagles Nest quest

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I've completed every other quest I have including all of the quests in the Qbee festival realm, but when I go to the eagles nest the quest wont complete


  • Jared GraceJared Grace Member
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    I know some players had issues with this when it came out. Try relogging, or jumping around a bit?
    Got this from an older thread:

    the distance to success for that one is very strict, so you have to be at exactly the right spot for it to pick up. It will be loosened.

    lunarisci said:

    Happened to me the first time; I came back to it and randomly jumped around on it, then it finally registered

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    I had this issue, what i did was that i went to the grandma then to the mushroom place and then it worked
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    Alright, thanks guys.
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