Avoid the Staffs/Moderators

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Xastrox said:

How to play?
For players
Your job is to continue what the player above say let says the other person above you say 3 you need to say 4

If a player miscounts, the count starts over back at 1.

For mods and staff:

Your job is to say 0 if you see this thread or else the thread will go `Viral'
you only can do it when the number is good enought rather then stucked at 1 or 2...

Xastrox: 1
Player_2: 2
player_832: 3
horus: 0

if a mod or staff says 0 we have to start from the begining which is the number 1 and so on.
Please only 1 post every 24 hours
What are we waiting for? LEGGO!

Me first number 1!



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