New attractor perk!!!

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For all the miners/builders out there:

I think we should have a new perk like attractor Lv 2. This makes mined items go directly to your inventory.

Why is this a problem?
For many miners, we mine a big space and leave the items on the ground, then we go pick them up to save time. Sometimes people pick up the mined items and it gets annoying since we put effort into the mining.
  1. Should this be an actual perk?4 votes
    1. Yes!!!
    2. No :(


  • ZPINOLZPINOL MéxicoMember
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    I preffer other perks more interesting, like LUCKY 4 with 20% chance for double cubit when mining, or MERCHANT 3 as 20% save on cubit store. Or a perk to improve the pet leveling, or find more often deydrated cubes.
  • MufflonMufflon Member
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    or a perk to be fabulous
    oh wait i already am
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    Mufflon said:

    or a perk to be fabulous
    oh wait i already am

    ::::rolls eyebulbs so far back i can view my own, infinitely amazing cerebellum::::
    On topic- Aye, Aye, a thousand times, Aye to attractor 2 perk!
  • 007Awesome007007Awesome007 Member
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    ZPINOL said:

    MERCHANT 3 as 20% save on cubit store.

    I don't think this perk should be added because 10% is already a lot of the cubit store. 20% would just be too much. For a 10000 cubit item it would be 2000 cubits of instead of 1000, which is quite a lot. It would also reduce the value of some items by a lot.
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