The Helpful Pirate Society Great (Buried) Treasure Hunt- Prizes Posted

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The Helpful Pirate Society Great (Buried) Treasure Hunt

Saturday, October 8, 9am to 10am Cubic (Pacific USA) Time
& Sunday, October 9, Noon to 1pm Cubic (Pacific USA) Time

Realm: Pirate Queen's Paradise

Pirate Queen's Paradise Now Closed For Preparations!
Clan office moved to Helpful Pirate Society Village realm

Annnnd- Here are the Prize Lists:

Spoiler: The Great Treasure Hunt Prizes Saturday 9am Cubic Time

The Great Treasure Hunt Prizes-Saturday-9am Cubic Time (Pacific USA time)
21 Prizes
Red Cube
Blue Cube
Cowboy Hat
Butterfly Wings
Bottomless Blizzard Stamp
Red Wizard Hat
Harm Wand +1500
Tropical Realm 33 X 33
Green Magisterial Wig
Slime Inna Box
Pink Ducal Wig
Bat Wings
Ram Horns
Blue Hair Bow
Harm Wand
Bunny Tail
Dye Pack
Gold And Silver
Jewel Pack

Spoiler: The Great Treasure Hunt Prizes Sunday Noon Cubic Time

The Great Treasure Hunt Prizes-Sunday- Noon Cubic Time (Pacific USA time)
21 Prizes
Red cube
Cowboy hat
Construction hat
Butterfly wings
Blue shaman mask
Fireman hat
Forest realm 33 x 33
Fairy wings
Slime inna box
Purple ducal wig
Imp wings
Unicorn horn
Viking helm
Dunce cap
Dye pack
Gold and silver
Jewel pack

Spoiler: The Great Treasure Hunt Info

The Great Treasure Hunt Info
-The Realm will Close Tuesday, October 4, at Noon Cubic Time, to prepare for the Hunt. The HPS Clanstone will be temporarily moved to Realm: Lucie's Place. The Realm Will Close Again 11am on Saturday, October 8, after the First Round, to prepare for the Second Round.
-Announcements about the Hunt will be posted on this Thread and in Realm: Lucie's Place.
-Each Round will feature around 30 Prizes, in the form of Buried and Hidden Chests containing both Single Item and Muliple Item Prizes. For example, a chest might contain Butterfly Wings, or 100 Gold Ore, or a Combination of different Items. Each Prize includes the chest containing it.
-Available Prize List for each Round will be posted at least an hour before each Round, in this Thread.
-There is No Cost to Participate in The Great Treasure Hunt. Tips and Donations are Appreciated and go towards future PVPs, Treasure Hunts and other Public Helpful Pirate Society Events.
-If you would like to join the Helpful Pirate Society clan, and be part of our events, please wait until after each round has finished to ask to join- after 10am Cubic Time (Pacific USA) on Saturday, October 8, and after 1pm Cubic Time on Sunday, October 9.

Spoiler: The Great Treasure Hunt Rules

The Great Treasure Hunt Rules
-The Great Treasure Hunt is NOT a PVP Event. Wands are Not Allowed to be used against other Players. Attacking other Players will result in a Ban from the Realm for at least the Duration of the Hunt.
-This is NOT a Building Event. Building and/or placing Any Item in the Realm is Not Allowed during the Hunt and may result in a Ban from the Realm for at least the Duration of the Hunt.
-Ads, Recruiting for other clans, & Trading are not allowed in open chat in Realm during Event. If you Must engage in these activities, use "whisper" to keep them private.
-The General Rule of the Hunt is "Finders Keepers." Disputes between players should be resolved between the players involved. Any disputes or duels should be taken out of the Realm during the Hunt. Sharing items among team members is at the sole discretion of said team members.

See Ye There! Good Luck n Good Huntin'!


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    What are the prizes? :3
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    Oooh.. I may come..
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    I've been collecting prizes for a month now. I'm going to make a list of the best single prizes (some chests will have multiple items, i.e. 100 gold, 100 silver or 10 each diamond, emerald, ruby) for this weekend's Hunts today and post it later today on this thread. =D
    Prizes Posted. Mischief Managed.
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    (It's Been over 48 hours, i think, so :::hoping::: this isn't counted as a multi-post. if so, please remove it. )
    Bump. :) Just wanted to Remind folks that the Pirate Queen Paradise Realm re-opens tomorrow - Saturday- between 9-10 am Cubic Time/Pacific USA time (utc-7) -for the Great (Buried) Treasure Hunt! The hunt will last 1 hour. Dig, Burrow, Check walls, ceilings, ship holds, underwater, nooks, crannies, caves....Yer aunt Esmerelda's Cookie Jar.... (ok... maybe not there!) Treasure could be hidden almost Anywhere! Only place off-limits is the Docks Workshop.
    Edit. Phew! everything buried. Now i can rest. Dang. i was pretty sneaky on some o' them really good prizes, muwahahaaa. if nobody finds em, mebbe i keep em fer me clan....
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    The time is not good with my time...
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    ahh well its over n done phew whole buncha prizes given out n many ppl visited realm n bunch of new HPS clan members! We thank everyone who donated items, played and helped make this a Fabulous event! Special thanks to my Cleaner-uppers Marie, noob, n SB! Will be doing more clean up tomorrow & Next few days, so realm be out o' service til all be repaired from all the Plunderin'!
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