Pirate PVP Tonight (9/29) 6pm Cubic Time: RULE UPDATE Flash Bumper Bug!- No Building/Setting Cannons

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The Helpful Pirate Society clan invites all Pirates to our first Role Play PVP on our HQ Realm, Pirate Queen's Paradise, Thursday, September 29, at 6pm Cubic (Pacific USA) Time.

Winner was FazeHawk, with a sneaky betrayal manoever! Second place was Ziana, with a valiant showing, and tied for third were Cornstalk and TheRareOne. Faze- I need ye to come collect yer Cubits, please? (if ye know FazeHawk, please have him add me n contact me in-game? Thank'ee!)

1. No Ads, Trading, Recruiting During Event. Violators Shall Walk the Plank (get a ban)
2. Each Pirate receives 3 lives.
3. Pirates may go to Infirmary to get healed.
4. Teams are allowed BUT in the end, it be Every Pirate for Them-self- Last One Standing Receives Grand Prize 500C.
5. Flash Bumper will be used to allow building of forts and placing of cannons.
6. No weapons or building on Observation Deck. Period. It is a Safe Zone.
7. Fighters may NOT 'hide out' on Observation Deck. This will disqualify you.
8. If, at 6:45pm there is no winner, Flash building will Stop and Lives reduced to One and Sudden Death Arena Round shall Determine the Winner.

The realm will be open after the Battle fer a Pirate Party.
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