Ban the player above you!



  • Banned for being an angel.
    (I bet someone will do banned for not being an angel) ._.
  • flamerockflamerock Member
    edited April 2018
    Ok then

    Banned for not being an angel :)
  • JackFuryJackFury Member
    edited April 2018
    Before I ban you, I should like to establish something:
    I will not ban you for the amount of karma in your bank, for the contents of your username, for your profile picture, your Qbee's outfit, for being here, for existing, for commenting at a certain time, for not being a familiar, for being in this discussion, for opening the gateway for me to use simple hyperboles, for living on planet earth, for playing Cubic Castles, or for anything else ridiculously unoriginal.

    I shall ban you simply because I concur with the simple rules that insinuate the idea that the person above me has committed an atrocious crime and is therefore deserving of my banishment.
  • Banned for having red wings and a plaid hat
  • Banned for using caps.
  • Banned again for not being an angel
  • Banned for making this face (._.)
  • Banned for promoting your youtube channel on your wall.
  • Banned for being a fan of Pokemon.
  • Banned for being a cubic person
  • Banned for also being a cubic person.
  • Banned for being as dumb as a flame rock ;)
  • Banned for being a grim person. I mean seriously, are you always this negative? xD
  • Banned for being named tinypup but you where cat ears.
  • Banned for guessing what I was going to say.
  • Banned for not being silver but a white qbee
  • Banned for not looking with attention. SilverDash IS SILVER.
  • Banned for calling SilverDash silver. He is the normal color of a Qbee.
  • Banned for agreeing with me
  • Banned for being a Flame Rock.
  • Banned for being a consol controller.
  • iKONICiKONIC Member
    Banned for being inactive for a year.
  • Banned for having that awesome picture
  • Banned for begging the artists of Cubic Castles for free pictures of yourself
  • Banned for making ur profile photo for urself
  • Banned for not seeing the artistic beauty in making your own profile pic
  • Banned for banning someone
  • Roxie01Roxie01 Member
    Banned for having blue wings.
  • Banned for banning someone who has blue wings. That's Colorsist.
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