Helpful Pirate Society Clan [HPS] Now Accepting Members! =D UPDATE 9/26

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Helpful Pirate Society [HPS]

The Helpful Pirate Society [HPS] clan is now open and accepting members!

To apply- either message me on forum or add me in-game. (best bet these days is forum n we find time to meet in-game.)

First event: the great treasure hunt: date TBA pending flash bumper release (tentatively, event will be october 8/9)



We try to capture the spirit of the pirate code-
All are equal under the black flag of freedom.
We hold to honor among crew members- no scamming, stealing, bullying or disrespect!
We believe in and strive for community and working together to accomplish our goals.
Our #1 priority? Having a good time!
We encourage role play as pirates or related characters of the pirate era/mythology.
We are helpful to other players, especially new folks and younger players.
We work together to hold events open to entire cubic castles community or to lower level folks which are fun as well as helpful

Membership is open to all ages, although more mature & experienced players are encouraged, in order to maximize helpfulness of the clan.
The only requirements for membership are: interest in pirates, desire to be helpful to fellow clan-members & players, honesty, and desire to have fun.
We believe in honor among crew members! Scammers, thieves, or folks who abuse, bully, or disrespect others will be asked to leave or they will be removed from the clan.
Meetings will be held weekly, taking into consideration different time zones.
This is an active clan! Each member should attend at least one meeting or event per month, or let a captain or the queen know they are on leave.


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    Wow, all the capslocking 0,o
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    part of my capslocking, as ppl who know me, know, is that i have some visual & physical issues that affect typing/seeing... so is difficult to see & type w the teeny editing screen & keyboard on my tablet. and no, ctrl+ doesnt help much for the editing box given limited screen space. typing tiny now so i dont annoy you but having to correct the many many typos.
    if it bothers ye mightily, i promise that i will fix it in open office when i get home...

    (Home and fixed so hopefully less annoying :D. unfortunately can't copy/paste from open office in-game at all or use voice to text or auto-correct. Believe me, ppl do get vocal about my all-caps, all small letters and/or many typos, sigh. :( can't be helped, shrug. i do best i can.)
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    oh, i didnt knew that.... well its sometimes a bit annoying but it is better if you can see it then
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    i'm in Pirate Queen's Paradise in front of Mayor's Mansion accepting new members fer awhile! YAAARRR!
    Edit: 10.39pm game time- back in-game fer a bit so come on down n get Shanghai'ed into the clan!!
    Edit Sept 26- Clan members- if ye haven't done so, please check clanstone regularly fer messages ^.^ There's one about uniforms n one about website n one about our Great Treasure Hunt comin' up soon. This week, i'm kinda out sick a bit, but would still like to get some minin' parties goin' n maybe talk with a few of ye about yer ideas:D
    Don't ferget to add me n yer clan crew-members you know here in the forums and in-game as friends!
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