Need Player Assistance Figuring Out Fadey Foam Issue-SOLVED- THANKS EAGENCE!

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I'm trryin' to figure out an issue i be havin' w some fadey foam workin', then not workin' once i get past half the ceiling covered. Any Assistance would be helpful... Wastin' a bunch o' foam buildin' n rebuildin' tryin' to figger out what i'm doin' wrong. >.< AAAUUURRGH!!!!


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    is it possible for you to come help? I've never had a problem like this and none of the issues you stated seems to be the problem >.<
    gah. must have been a glitch cas its fine now. all that foam wasted.
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    if you have multiple layers of blocks you would have to ff all the layers to see through, if you are only getting 1 row at a time disappearing then you need a connecting block to the other rows, if something you already ff is reappearing ff one block that reappears and it will disappear again add me if you need any help
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    If you still need help, I'll add you IG. I consider myself a fadey expert c:
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    make sure you are using the same fadey foam color.
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    Thanks everyone- especially eagence who came n fixed the issues. part was lag part was my shakey hands being a lil messy w the Fadey Foam >.<
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    Issue resolved
    Locking it up
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