Iam selling some stuff (BEWARE! there is NO RARES! -Swissy

Swissy DreamerSwissy Dreamer Playing with Asriel,Frisk,And CharaMember
[ok... i need to reach 7k :-:]

Diamond Blocks : 70c each
Shiny nose : 1k-800c
Mrs Claus skirt : 3k-2.5k
Dark Raw Stone : 20c each
Gold *Kabling!* : 5/c
Rubber: 6/c
Fossil XI : 400c
Zombie head : 400c
Fadey Foam (Any Colour) : 2-3c
Tutus : 25c
Cowl : 25c
Fancy Furniture : 3c each ( Fancy cabinet 5c )
Distiller : 20c
Extractor : 25c
Anvils : 10c
Any Colour Of DYES : 10/c
Trop Grass : 10/c
Sand : 10/c
Accelo rings [horizontal/vertical]: 40c

Buying :
Nothing for a moment

By the way You can Rent me to work for you such as crafting,Building,Minning,ETC
1 Min : 5c

[ I Only Go To Work When It's Night Time in my country or its saturday and sunday ]


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