CC Trailer Contest (music)

Hehe, Hi, I have been notified that there is a contest for a new trailer for Cubic Castles.
So, I could help with songs, of course, if any of you want to use. So far'll let some links that take them to my Soundcloud channel, you decide whether to use the songs that I leave on the links, or may otherwise ask also a new tune if you like the sound similar, or different chiptune.

Uhm, maybe you like it, maybe not, however, you can contact me and if you want, we can reach an agreement.

Bonus fortuna vobis!


  • Thats very nice thanks
  • zpinolzpinol MéxicoMember
    Me gusta más la primer melodia, la del jardin secreto. :D
  • Yup the first one is the best for cubic castles trailers
  • Thank you ^^ If the .wav archive doesn't work in any program to edit you use, remember to share me and convert it to mp3
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