Mr. Christmas

hey guys yesterday and today I noticed many people started to buy Mr. Christmas costume for 12k-15k '-'
I wanna buy some of them so I have some questions

1. how much Mr. Christmas costume was before when it came ?.
2. is it going back to the packs on the X-mas ?.
3. any pricing experts here knows if its dropping or raising ?.
help Qbez I need help :Q:
( PS: idk where to post dis so .... don't blame me )


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    Well, when it firstly was in the yuletide pack, it was around 10,000 to 15,000, if I'm not wrong. No one really knows if it will come back. And yeah, as for the price, it is still around 10 to 15k or so.
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    Oh ok thanks pro I should message you about prices I think your Professional on pricing too ouo *taking the pricing book questions in front of pro killer* c:<
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