How Much Is For A Cave Art Set?

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Title says all

Lucaaa795 tells me it's 5k per set? o-o


  • Professional KillerProfessional Killer GreeceForum Moderator, Retired Moderator
    I would say 10,000c or around for a set, but it really depends on the seller.
  • CortanaCortana UnknownMember, Retired Moderator
    5k is way too little, imo... When I bought mine I offered 20k for it... People tend to attempt to kill the price of the artifacts, they're basically at the lowest because of people who doesn't want to collect them on their own, nor want to pay a reasonable price for it. I'd say 15k or a bit more is an okay price, but that's just my opinion.
  • BJDwareBJDware Down underMember, Retired Moderator
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    The average price for each piece is around 400c.
    400x12=4,800 + extra for the 3 rare pieces + extra for the 3 or so uncommon pieces + extra for the fact that it is a complete set.

    You will see sets being offered for 10,000 to 18,000. More or less, depending on the seller, as there is no set price for things, just an average.

    Most smart buyers would purchase them individually though. Just requires patience and some luck.
    That's where the 5,000 value came in.
  • They are 5-8k
  • as a set ive seen 10k-18k as ware stated
  • BeIfastBeIfast ChileMember
    I remember when i was selling/Buying that it was like 10k-12k
  • Lucas The SpiderLucas The Spider U.K, England Member
    Never sell your Cave Art set for less than 10k. ^^
  • It's a little bit off topic but i remember how i sold my fossil set for 80k tho 0-0 @Cortana
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