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I feel like this thread is needed, these are my opinions, if you respect mine I'll respect yours.

I have seen a lot of threads, with negativity, also throughout the game. A lot of people play this game to escape real life and have fun, lately I don't think it's very fun. Constant fighting, swearing, and people being rude. Everyone wants to have a big plan to make the game positive again, but they make negative threads and stuff. If you want to try to make CC a good place again, we all need to work as a team.

You may also think some newbies may be rude, but with the higher level players, cussing and disobeying the rules, the newbies probably think it's okay, not all, just some.

I think we should all be more positive and kind, if someone does something rude to you the staff will try their very best to help you if you comply and help them. If a team of ten people will spread positivity the whole game can change, even if one person does. If we can regain the positive environment, you will like CC so much more, you wouldn't see all the slander, and rude people. I know the game will never the perfect, but if we try to make an effort there may not be as much scams, and lawbreakers.

I think I've said enough, these are my own opinions if you have something rude to say you don't have to comment, I tried to be as nice as I could but still stick to the truth. I respect every player, and what they think. I challenge you & your friends to start spreading good vibes, and to be kind and nice. I do not want this thread to get out of hand, please don't let it. I hope NONE of you were insulted, if you were I apologize in advance. I am not trying to create any ruckus, at all. I just want this game to be a positive and kind place again.

With Best Regards, and respect, Blue.
(Sorry, if this is in the wrong category didn't know what area this goes in... Btw Mods -- Feel free to close this anytime if it gets out of hand, I fully understand.)


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    This is a very serious subject and it is hard for a very not serious person such as myself to reply. I wanted to joke and throw a banana peel at you while booing but I shall refrain. *hugs* >:)! If you ever need an island of awesome postivity come stop by me, I can pull you to a private place (not to murder you) and have a chat just about anything. Like that one time you remembered to clean between your toes and there was a giant crusty glob of toe jam. Remember kids to clean your toes.
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    Also higher level players could help out newbies sometimes :D
    I've done it before and it's petty fun cuz you get to know them and they become a good friend and then you get to see them grow up and their leaving the bird's nest and you start sobbing.
    But anyways, even taking time to help newbies creates a better environment for everyone. We teach them to be better players, we see a happy growing community of nice players that give cookies to me :D

    Grey, you're honestly the god of positivity, we need to worship you more (/0D0)/
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    [NOTE]: Before you read what I'm about to say, I feel like I'll have a lot of replies that will reject/hate what I say, but yea feel free to comment your opinions :D

    I'll have to be super honest here, I personally think that the CC community is great. Maybe you've met a few people who are rude and all, but that's just who they are and their personalities- like if we start fighting with them saying "You're rude, stop" or something along the line of that, conflict is inevitable >_<. In every game, there will always be trollers, rude people and people who find it enjoyable to get a good reaction from you. I have not seen any players who are actually mean or whatnot to me, and you know, I have great friends and I'm in a great community with amazing players. I personally think that there is positivity around everywhere in CC, except for a few people, and I personally think there are no negativity threads on the forums, not that I have seen(the forums is great haha), and there's NOTHING we need to do about this because like mentioned, CC is very positive in my opinion^^. All we have to do is be ourselves and of course, be nice, but I'm pretty sure 95% of us are nice:) So all those posts about CC being negative, I don't understand. Maybe you've met a few scammers or trollers? That's fine, ignore them. All games are like this, and I don't think the whole CC community needs to be affected by a few people. If we ignore, them ,they don't get the reaction they want.
    I'm not against this topic, don't get me wrong :P.
    [Just my opinions! :D]
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    make your own island, invite nice people and ignore the world ^_^
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    Mm, I find that the community is less and less negative. Probably because I wander out less and less these days from my small cave. I can't personally say I had much experience with players who are very rude in Cubic Castles, but I like to point out that this is an internet world. Players come, players go. Even if we spend the next hundred years trying to keep Cubic Castle a positive environment, we can't keep it 100% shield from players who feel like they could do whatever they want. Even if it means making your own island, inviting nice people and ignoring the world, nothing good can stay forever.
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