KVantas' Request Thread {Art Thread V.2}



  •  *Sensei* *Sensei* Member
    edited August 2016
    I want one to :3

    Press hat
    Exe mask
    Suit jacket
    Dark angel wings
    Black pants


    Also any pose is good :)
  • Also, style: Qbee
  • Meh plz :3

    Black long hair
    Purple Crown
    Whiteee long Heavenly dress :3
    light blue eyes

    the pose.....i donno... your choice?
  • May i plz have a have a qbee style

    And i wear
    *Racoon ears and racoon tail*
    *Blue and white scarf*
    *Chef Coat*
    *Blue pants*
    *And Round Glasses*

    I would really appreciate it :P
  • Me pls!
    Qbee Style
    -Bandit Mask
    -Red & Green Scarf
    -Suit Jacket
    -Grey Pants
    -Imp Tail
    Additional: Math Books
    Pose : Up to you
  • Me 2 :D

    Style: Qbee
    Clothing: dark angels, suit jacket, EXE mask, red pants, and a flamenco hat.

    (EXTRA IF POSSIBLE: holding a rapier in my hand)
  • Can u draw me plz exe and B/W Scarf please :3 ?
  • OrangeTailOrangeTail Member
    edited January 2017
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  • :D

    Clothing: Ghost Costume

    Pose: Up to u!

    Ty :)

  • Me please
    Style: any
    Clothing:epic easter greek orthodox cown, orange scarf, blue shirt, bunny pjs(with bunny tail please) eyepatch and balloon please and thank you
  • *SnowyOwl**SnowyOwl* Member
    edited October 2016
    May I have one? :D

    Style: Qbee

    Clothes: Raccoon Ears, RG Scarf, Camo Shirt, Raccoon Tail, Grey Pants and balloon. I also have a pet Hopper.

    Pose: Legs crossed with hopper in lap and both hands on the hopper with a smile.


    Edit: Just read the note on the main page, sorry to hear that. I wouldn't have posted this if I knew... Hope you can get a new one soon!
  • Tomk2005Tomk2005 Member
    edited October 2016
    O3O xD i need one ohmegerd
    -R&G scawf
    -Red shirt
    -Black pantz
    -Rice hat

    Style: (lol idk what one choose so choose u :P) qbee, chibi or pixel

    -if u can plz make it jumping

    edit: sorry for commenting, i just checked out what happned to your laptop :Q:
  • Style: Qbee (or the style you used to do on your first arts (those what you did half year ago or well... You know))

    My outfit:
    Slyme Costume
    Pumpkin Pet

    Good luck! I really hope it would be amazing!
  • TheRedNinjaTheRedNinja Member
    edited October 2016
    I have a request please
    STYLE: Qbee

    ¤sub vampire head
    ¤coke glasses (probs pointless)
    ¤suit jacket
    ¤angle wings
    ¤black pants
    ¤dog tail
  • Can I get an admin to lock this thread please, just incase other Qbees try and add more request?
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