All Filipinos are not scammers

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Someone is saying Filipinos are not to be trusted some can be scammers but don't say all Filipinos are bad when just 1 Filipino scammed you


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    Well. Only.Darkness is being very rude. Ignore him!
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    Ok I am calming down
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    There was another dude who got scammed by a filipino then starting hollaing "ALL FILIPINOS ARE SCAMMERS" then alot of PH peeps came....think it happened on november 2015 maybe
  • Many Filipinos play this game so that's the reason some of them are scammers(most of them are good).Everyone can't be good.There are scammers from every country but i think making holla like this is pretty rude.
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    you can not judge all of them :p
    most Filipinos are good tho :p
  • There are two types of Filipinos (in my point)
    1.squaters-these are bad people (some are nice)
    2.normal people -well very normal
  • What's wrong with those people if someone scammed you you don't call they're whole country scammers and filipinos are very nice people most of my friends are filipinos

    i remember that holla i was in eden next to a mountain mine when it was I don't know hollaed

    ignore offensive people all they can do is talk words can't hurt you no one's talk is better than an other person's talk we're all equal what im saying is:whatever some one says people won't take that persons talk sirously because it's offensive to other people
  • #Elfie said:

    Well. Only.Darkness is being very rude. Ignore him!

    I know all about the "Only."s; It started out with Only.ZYZ (btw he's Chinese), when he became famous, a lot of people began copying his name...
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    Please don't necropost. Check the date of the last comment before commenting. Locking this thread.
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