Super Jump using Hat and Warp Bug! New Bug

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Heya all :3 Today im gonna post about the new bug,i dont know who found it, but let's get to the point of this post.
So,Im gonna tell,if there are two bug left that much qbee might dont know, first bug is Super Jump using Hat!
How? nice question, You just need 2 different hats,and then you must use one of it,and,simply thing to do next is just Jump,Jump,and Jump,but when you click/touch the jump button,you must change,change,and change the hat with the other hats,do it again,again,and again >.< and if you realize it and try it with high place,it would happen! Just try ^^

And, the second bug that im gonna tell you all >> Warp bug.
How? Nice question again! Have you been thinking to warp someone when you doing a quest but the quest too hard and you lazy to do it? well, this bug would help you to do that. there are many hard quest, they usually have warp on the finish place,isnt it? it make people can't warp easily and get jailed >.< but, I just found this bug today ( Sorry >.< ) I was doing a quest,named ''Winter (Idk wut is it called)'' it pretty hard at stage two,so i just waiting my friend to complete it and go to the finish place ( Sorry again,Im really lazy today >.<) Then,when i warp him,i got trapped in an small island far from the finish place,so then,i have no idea T^T then i got disconnect and relog,but after that,i try to fall and die (The finish place using bottomless >.<) and what is happen? I dont back to the warp but i appear from the Finish Place Door! Im so shock >.< and happy. Then,i just wanted to say about this, Admin and Moderator can fix it if want *^^*

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  • Hehe,i dont know about that though,i just try to make people remember and also! it called Repost xD
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    The second "Bug" isn't even a bug, more of a human error imo.
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