~ iBunniezilla's Selling Thread ~

iBunniezillaiBunniezilla New ZealandMember
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Hello tasty qbees!
I'm selling a few items pretty cheap o3o
NOTE: It's best to comment below so you can reserve an item.

(x1) Chef Coat - 500c
(x1) Redwood Forest Cap - 1,400c
(x1) Fez - 1,000c
(x1) Pink Grande Dame Wig - 500c
(x1) Police Hat - 500c
(x1) Blue Bunny Ears - 400c
(x1) Red Wizard Hat - 350c
(x1) Nerd Glasses - 300c
(x1) Imp Tail - 200c

Want to buy? PM, Comment or add me IG:iBunniezilla to purchase!
Thanks for your time.


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