Top Realms May/June 2016 - Results

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Sorry for the delay with this, but I've finally had a chance to compile the results. In some categories (scenic in particular) there were so many realms submitted that the top 5 is really just a small subset of a number of really fantastic realms. So if your choice was not voted as one of the top I strongly encourage you to re-submit the realm next round. Realms that won this round will not be eligible for the next round of voting when I do this again, but eventually I may make a web page that archives all the winners so people can go back and see each round. In categories without too many entries I just did top 3. If there was a tie in the voting for a position I extended the top count by one. In parkour I extended it by one as well since Hinter's is in there twice in a way. (once for a specific parkour realm and once just in general for the whole realm which has many sub-rooms with parkours)

Parkour (Top 6)

1) Hinter's Amazing Amusements
2) The Bone Course
3) The Huge Snowy Mountain
4) Temple of the Elements (go to Hinters amazing amusements follow the green glass to a wood covered door this will bring you to the lobby.. the door to Temple is to the right first hallway)
5) Bloody Sky Course
6) The Tower of Fortune

Top Adventure/Game Realms (Top 5)

1) Hinter's Amazing Amusements
2) Game of Thrones
3) Siddd's Fallout Quest
4) Ecklair's House
5) Silent Hill

Top Scenic Realms (Top 6 - tie for 5th place)

1) Jurassic Park
2) Nerdvana
3) Gdog's Kennel
4) Red Murk Bay (Room in Coral Cove near entrance)
5) Madame Angel's Wonderland (tied)
6) The Oriental Residence (tied)

Top Shop Realms (Top 5)

1) Superxtreme - Super Mall
2) One Shop Above All
3) Mom's Shop
4) MAOU's Shop
5) Sir Pixel's Retail Park

Top Clan Realms (Top 4.. tie for 3rd place)

2) Hellesania Clan
3) BillyBoo Clan (tied)
4) Blue Angles HQ (tied)

Top Pixel Art Realms (Top 3)

1) Mona Lisa (Room in Knop Museum)
2) T-Rex (Jurassic Park (to the left of the helicopter))
3) Caged Creativity (Room in Coral Cove near entrance)

I'd like to encourage everyone to visit these fantastic realms. If any of these realms aren't currently in my realm museum in the game, I'd be happy to add a door. Just PM me if that's something you'd like.

Also as a final note I'd like to offer a free 100x100 realm (or the equivalent in cubits) to anyone who's still playing and who's realm made it on this list, as a thank you for building such great stuff in the game, and to give you more palette to work on for your next creation. Again, if you'd like to take advantage of the offer please PM me on the forums and I'll arrange that for you.

Thanks everyone and remember, if you realm wasn't in the top voted this round, please resubmit next round. There were many realms I visited from the nominations that also deserve recognition.

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