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Swissy DreamerSwissy Dreamer Playing with Asriel,Frisk,And CharaMember
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Yo! Everyone has goals in CC right? So why wont you tell the world about your goals? :3
Also you can tell me if your goals have been completed

My goals :
1.) Finnish My City
2.) Buy a ram (Mostly impossible D:)
3.) Make AOCC success and famous
4.) Make some great builds
5.) Reach lvl 50
6.) Host a free big event (Mostly impossible too! D':)

May your goalsbe with youGet Completed soon


  • The Death ReaperThe Death Reaper Behind youMember
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    1.) Complete the Golden Mansion
    2:) Buy a ghost Costume
    3:) Make Nevarwel's Legacy Famous '-'
    I don't really have much goals Lol
  • LightosphereLightosphere Member
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    Goals o.o
    1. Complete my realms
    Spoiler: Realm List
    Lightosphere's Realm
    Lightosphere's place
    Lightosphere's City
    Lightosphere's Shop
    Tropical City
    The cubic downtown
    Etc :3

    2. Complete My Rooms
    undone Rooms= 6 and more....

    3. Complete my collection
    {4,5,6,7} some secret goals :3
  • Lucas The SpiderLucas The Spider U.K, England Member
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    My Goals:

    1: Praying for Penguin Costume
    2: Praying for Penguin Pet
    3: Praying for pants that Waddle like a Penguin!
    4: Buil all my 18 realms xD
  • ArchevixArchevix Member
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    1. Make cubits
    2. Buy stuff
    3. Rule the Cubic world
  • StevilStevil Member
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    - Level up my dragon to level 50
    - build up my clan realm (with a devil or dragon statue in the middle)
    - uhm...get rich?
    - wait for the adventure mode to come out on mobile and complete it!
  • icantiwillicantiwill Member
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    1-have a level 50 pet!(not by buying it)

    2-have a halo!

    3-being helpful to others!
  • MarieAraMarieAra MexicoMember
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    1. Rebuild my shop :) (I nuked it in a moment of craziness)
    2. Finish all my RPG realms and rooms
  • UU Member
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    Get 3 accounts to lvl 50

    (Currently lvl 50,44,and 28)
  • HellesHelles Member
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    1) Build Hellesania vertical castle.
    2) Get Ram pet to complete my pets collection.
    3) Build fancy Hotel.
    4) Stock blocks 20,000 units each.
    5) Build my own house.

    That's for now.
  • RightMakerRightMaker PhilippinesMember
    46.65 Karma
    1)Make Noobs Happy :V
    2)Became a Great Builder
    3)To Catch Mewtwo (Wait wat O_o )
  • YakrooYakroo Somewhere In The Milky WayMember
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    1)Stop Scammers Someday
    2)Build Adventure Realms Based From Movies Wih My Friends.
    3) Get All One Of Each Hats And Pets.
    4) Get To Lvl50 Also My Pumkie Riku
    5) Meet More Amazing People
    6) Make A 100x100 Realm, Featuring Yakroo And All His Friends Lol
  • *Ram**Ram* Member
    5.85 Karma
    1) buying krampus
    2) buying umbrella
    3) buying ram pets
    4) starting my mansion
    5) making fun of lucaa as nub
  • coffeefreak87coffeefreak87 Member
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    My goal is to make my realm so complex have a bunch of different rooms and it will be like a maze type thing and if you don't know the place you will probably be lost in realms lol if it all goes good I might do a actual game out of it lol so pretty much a giant troll realm lol
  • MarioMario2.0MarioMario2.0 Member
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    1)Free angel wings (got in a giveaway)
    2)Traded a mask for exe(gargoyle mask)
    3)Bought a scarf for cheap (I bought it for 250c)
    4)Hanging out with my friends
    5)Helps friends in building things
  • scorto7scorto7 BelgiumGame Moderator
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    currently i have 2 pending projects.

    1° - The glass maze... i have been working on it for eternity :P - Completed
    2° - Star Trek TOS enterprise interior... kinda hard to finish because Star Trek has a lot of curved shapes thus hard to duplicate in a square world and also limited by the blocks available. - postponed indefinitely.
  • smuressmures Member
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    My goal: To eat more cookies -walks away eating cookie-
  • MizukiYromaMizukiYroma Member
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    Goals :

    1. To level up to level 50 and my pet snowman.
    2. To be known as the "Queen of Unique" here cuz i am Unique at everything that i do XD
    3. To finish my Unique realm which is done even if i'm not online its still Unique and Fab! XD
    4. To have all types of clothing.
    5. To get rich af. Hahaha
    6. When i will quit and comeback, i want to see if people still know me! XD
    7.???(still thinking about it)
  • edited June 2016 5.65 Karma

    1. Reach Lvl 50
    2.Buy a easter umbrella
    3.Make a ship based on Thousand Sunny
    4.Build realms
    5.Be rich without buying cubits :3
    6.Get alot of hollas
  • ApricotApricot Member
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    I have one goal, Accually finish projects insted of just planning them.
  • ThuggieThuggie Member
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    1) Sellign my level 49 Elf (Pm if intressted xD)
    2) finish à vidéo to tell good-bye to à friend.....
    3) idk '-'
  • 1.30 Karma
    1. Finish all my rooms for my clan castle

    2. make my clan famous >:3

    3. make lots of friends :D

    4. get me and my pet to lvl 50 :0
  • brandonxflamebrandonxflame Member
    11.75 Karma
    My goals are:

    •Get 10k from selling items like yummberries, tree trunks etc

    •Finsh building my realm and farm

    •Get bunny pyjamas! :3
  • CroubictCroubict Member
    15.10 Karma
    1) Making Parkour/Puzzle/Story Realms (Its Secret...)
    2) Making "Land of Fungi"
    3) Hmm...I will think about it again XD...
  • Elemental godElemental god The netherlandsMember
    310.00 Karma
    My goals:
    1): finish my restaurant
    2): get to level max
    3): get a dino mask (super hard for me)
    4): get good at parkours xD
    5): make a pixel art (DONE, thnx to a event)
  • 3.60 Karma

    My goal: To eat more cookies -walks away eating cookie-

    yes i was waiting for this one XD

    my goals:
    1. Finish Pirate Queen Paradise and Coral Palace HPS HQ
    2. Hold Best. Treasure. Hunt. Ever. [as soon as flash bumper is released!]
    3. Start and maintain Helpful Pirate Society clan
    4. Help newbies learn and progress in game without coddling them
    5. Make lotsa Actual Friends & Allies- not just pad my friends list w strangers
    6. With HPS- Build network of Pirate realms for monthly [or even WEEKLY!] Treasure Hunt Events and RP Events
    7. Have HPS work w Other Clans in a Helpful Clans Guild dedicated to anti-spamming, anti-bullying, new player education & orientation, being generally helpful and friendly & just basically being Good Sports.
  • TumbleweedTumbleweed Member
    70.25 Karma
    1. Finish my clan/group

    2. Get lots of c and good items for giveways, patient games & raffles

    3. Some other goals that arent cc-related :p
  • LiberatedLiberated Member
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    My one goal is to be remembered as a good and loyal person by everyone when I eventually fade away into the mist and quit. (never) Lmao. I have an addiction to CC and I need halp! :Q:
  • 19.15 Karma
    My goal
    1. Finish my Glass Pyramid project
    2. Get rich
    3. Be famous ouo
  • BeanGollymBeanGollym FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    Finish all my realms.. 15+
    I wish to help and report as many people I can. During this time I wish to achieve my very last goal
    get my clans rep AGAIN

    and my last goal I shouldn't mention
  • FrenchyyyFrenchyyy Member
    15.00 Karma
    1- be the richest person in CC
    2- have 20.000units of each block in CC
    3- have a clan with 5 clanstone towers in it :D
    4- have a french flag shirt and pants and hat
    5- have a squirrel/hamster pet
    6- finish my adventure realm (100x100 room in 100x100 realm)
    7- decorate my airport with some new stuff (hope that they add airport themed items)
    8- help new players when I be rich (like I buy all there items, or sell them items cheaper)

    And plenty other goals... xD
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