Make Slymes wear hats! >:D

#TitleSaysitAll XD


  • PerfctPerfct Member
    Ooh, ghosts, too!
  • UU Member
    +over 9,000
  • Swissy DreamerSwissy Dreamer Playing with Asriel,Frisk,And CharaMember
    +10! meke em wear fascinator
  • elemental godelemental god The netherlandsMember
    Yeah, would be nice if we could wear hats on our slime costume +1
  • StevilStevil Member
    Yes great, and also ghost costume.
  • elemental godelemental god The netherlandsMember
    Well of course to be able to give a dlime costume an hat you need to place it to somewhere else than the hat place so i thought about the shirt place because no shirt has a special effect, also only the hats like cowboy hat should be able to be combined and not the masks because that would look weird, or the mask should be on the cace of the slime or ghost
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