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Shiek: 600c (x1)
Police cap: 650c (x3)
Paper Bag: 500c (x3)
Least Fool cap: 2500c (x1)
Zombie Head: 500c (x1)
Blue Aristocrat: 600c (x1)
Powdered Aristocrat: 600c (x2)
Blonde Grand Dame Wig: 600c (x2)
Brown Grand Dame Wig : 600c (x1)
Green Grand Dame Wig: 600c (x1)
Blue Grand Dame Wig: 600c (x1)
Green Ducal Wig: 600c (x2)
Purple Ducal Wig: 600c (x2)
Orange Ducal Wig: 600c (x1)

High Hat :600c
Brown aristocrat: 600c
purple Aristocrat: 600c
Red Aristocrat: 600c
Pink Ducal Wig: 600c
Powdered Ducal Wig: 600c
Black Ducal Wig: 600c (x1)


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