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Basically this game everyone will have to count. One person will have to say 'UP' when the next number can be divided by 7.

Here are a few examples:
Player 1: 5 Player 1: 12 Player 1: 698
Player 2: 6 Player 2: 13 Player 2: 699
Player 3: UP Player 3: UP Player 3: UP

Whoever says a same number as the previous one, or says the number e.g 7,14,21,28,35,42 any number divisible by 7, everyone will have to restart from the beginning.

Special game rules for mods:
When the next number is an 'Up', you can say 'DOWN' to break the chain and the players will have to restart again.

Player 1: 5
Player 2: 6

There's no target at all, it's just for fun XD

I shall start with 1!


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