Keyboard Doesn't Open

This is on my Android mobile phone

For the most part, when I place a sign, book, or want to chat, the game pulls up my keyboard. But now, recently, it will just stop opening. It won't let me type and I usually have to reboot my phone or, if I'm lucky, reboot the game.

It usually isn't bad at first but then it just gets a tad bit too annoying and should really be fixed.


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  • This has been happening to me too, hope it gets fixed soon.
  • Yeah, it has been happening 2 me 2. Hope it gets fixed soon...
  • Mcwolf the SaneMcwolf the Sane BangladeshMember
    This used to happen to me. But after I updated my phone from Kitkat to Lollipop, the keyboard lag is much much less.
    Updating might help. :)
  • It happens to me a lot, your talking when suddenly it stops pulling up your keyboard, you can't even say brb. It's so annoying
  • Lol, same it just like, the keyboard have a mind of it's own xD, my keyboard literly disappear on the most important time and, OMG i almost cry cause of anger xD
  • An even more annoying thing is I've often broken an entire thing of scaffold because the keyboard disappeared mid chat.
  • i agree its so annoying and should be fixed very soon, in the next update if possible ;-;

    it's been many times like you wanna buy something but when the seller asks an offer and you cant say anything because the bug, or explaining something and suddenly you cant say a thing.. it's just.. aaargh ._.
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  • Make sure you have minimum 1gb RAM, and close other application when playing this game cos it happen to me too but it only happen when I just have <100mb free RAM
  • i "love" this bug, happen to me sooo much times when i play on tablet
    i start jump like an idiot and run around with open chat sign :D

    but i must say i happy my close friends know then i bug maybe laugh bout me but wait me till i return :)
  • This bug happen too much,when your internet button is white it will happen to you
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