Some Cubic Castles Theory (just for fun :P)

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Theres some ~mystery~ in cubic castles that has not yet been known
and i, miss Swissy. Will show you some theory

Theory 1: Inside of the rocket launchpad

we dont go to overworld by swimming or by taking a bot right? Yes, We go to overworld by Launchpad Rockets! (and lobbies xP). Now, the thing is "What's inside of the rocket?" Now i dont know what's inside the rocket of a launchpad but this is my theory:
1.After the rocket reached your destiny, it will explode but ur qbee isn't hurted by the explosion
a.)the rocket teleported back to the launchpad
b.)There's something inside the rocket that protects the qbee

2.The rocket is so fast so no normal qbees can breath in that amazing speed

3.the Qbee is not affected by the rocket speed

i think inside the rocket is...
the bubble will dissapear when the rocket explode

Theory 2 : Where does the fairies go?

Sometimes, we are unable to catch the fairy until the fairy is out of the Mine! to a non-Qbee land
here are the teories:
1.they go to the other mine

2.they were lost fairy, and then when you freed them. they go back to their village

theory 2...

Theory 3 : The 2 Loving Birds In Cubic Jail (Or cubic jail puzzle to be exact...)

Yes, you may found about this story in cubic jail. About Love (ayyy not LOVE)
Now you might ask "What's the problem with this story?" Well you see, i need to know how they ended up in the cubic jail. Heres some clues that i got:
The girl's name is Katherine
Kurt Malina cell has a locked door
Kurt malina forgot what have he lost
When you enter the password, you'll end up on a weird looking thing
You'll go to a ship once you told him his lover/love's name
You cannot get the prize dispenser on the clouds
You'll get to know these 2 lovers story, different ending though
Now getting to the theories :

1.) They died a loooong time ago

2.) The prize dispenser was a gift to katherine

3.) Now they're in heaven *Cries* (OFF - TOPIC)

4.) Kurt Malina (i think?) was ridding a ship

So i think this is the stories :
Kurt malina and Katherine has fallen in love with each other for a long time. Then, kurt wanted to purpose (with a diamond ring) Katherine. So he rode a ship to Eden. But, on his way a storm comes. Before he died he write a letter and put it in a bottle. Then, when katherine looks to the shore, she found the bottle and open it up. When she read it she cried. After that she started to drink solvent and died. Kurt and Katherine then buried in a graveyard which has been turned into a jail. And they live happily ever after in heaven

Theory 4 : How castle deeds turn into a castle
Requested by : Tomk2005

You may notice how can a castle deed turns into a castle? Well, heres my theory

1.) The castle come from the sky

2.) When the Castle deeds touched the ground, it turned into a castle

So here's the explanation:
As a castle deed falls down to the ground, the ones above will notice that a qbee wants to place it's castle. Then, they throw it's real down which looks like a castle

Picture comming soon

Do send some mystery in Cubic castles! ill solve it ;)


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