The TOP realms! (May 2016)



  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer

    my fav is when i jump on the lobby bumber and type in Knop

    i never saw such mindblowing building,
    feel so small, and speechless...

    ... its magic :)

    Please nominate your favorite Knop realms. There's already a couple in there.. the library and museum, and beaver's mona lisa, but yes there's more. Of course the museum has links to a lot of the amazing creations so it's hard to know whether to put each room or just the main realm.

  • HinterHinter Member, Retired Moderator
    Realm Name: NEXUS CLAN REALM
    Owner: Replicant xWL
    Category: Clan Rooms
  • Nominating these realms:

    Nevarwel's Legacy Clan HQ (Clan realm)

    Nevarwel's Legacy game room (Games)
    -Enter Nevarwel's Legacy Clan HQ and go to the portan that says Treasure hunt / Snakes n' Ladders / Chess

    Nevarwel's Legacy: Story of Dragons (Story)
    -Enter Nevarwel's Legacy Clan HQ then enter the room that says Clan hangout

  • DemonismDemonism SingaporeMember
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    I nominated for my friend, David King.
    To get to his builds, enter a realm in overworld called "The King‘s Castle" then, to the right of the spawn portal, you will find a portal labelled " The King's Lobby" enter that and you will see more portals.
    I nominate two rooms found in "The King's Lobby", I nominate "The great hot air balloon" and "The King's Playground"

    Both for Top 5 Scenic

    I editted this post.
  • I want to nominate my old friend's realms they're
    Ichaival AUTO
    Category: Scenic Realm
    Ichaival City
    Category: Scenic Realm
    Category: Player Shop
    All of them are made by Ichaival, but sadly he quit after prize dispenser update
  • DemonismDemonism SingaporeMember
    I editted my nomination above because it wasnt clear.
  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
    I have a small something planned for the top realm selections. But it's more about sharing great realms with everyone, and exposing fantastic builds that we all may have missed, than it is about winning/prizes.
  • DemonismDemonism SingaporeMember
    David King has a lot of great builds but not many people know about them.
  • BJDwareBJDware Down underMember, Retired Moderator
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    I Cannot believe nobody has nominated shoque or hinter ( well one build has ) yet.

    Realm: Shoque isle
    Realm type: I Would place it under "scenic". So much amazing stuff in there, and most of it was built over a year or so ago.

    Realm: Hinter's amazing amusements.
    Realm type: Parkour & Games.
  • Member
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    *Lana* said:

    Decent To Pharaoh's Tomb.

    By:TheTimMan ^^

    Yes, I would agree that that one is my fav. I VOTE ON THIS ONE!!!
    The whole story starts in realm called Sphinx. Just go to Sphinx and you automatically start at the beginning.
  • Kabana'Kabana' Member
    i have a nomination for the "adventure" genre, a small realm by the name of "Elliot"
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    I just figured builds that are part of the realm showcase were not to be nominated as they are already part of it :D!

    EDIT: I moved the doors to the rooms I elected for nomination. There is no need to change your instructions, they are still located within Coral Cove and are confined. I just moved them to the third floor as I am remodeling, they are not side by side like they were but they are all close by each other, there are no other doors to use, and you will not be able to wonder far. So same for finding them still applies.
  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
    I think realms in the showcase could still be nominated.
  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
    The showcase is a realm off the town center, showcasing some nice realms from the game. It's completely unrelated to this. Grey was saying he figured those wouldn't need nominating since they already had some exposure, but I think it's ok to nominate them.
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    I'm Gonna Go For Clan Realms.
    The Assassins Clan Lobby:
    --- Not Yet Finished Btw ---
    A 99x99 Palace I have been working on for The Assassins Far It includes:
    Great Hall,
    PVP Arena
    Parkour to rank up
    Info rooms and hallways,
    Upstairs clan lounge,
    Door to AOCC, @Swissy

    Go check it out and leave us a letter!
  • MaddKatMaddKat Member
    Name: The Pink Course

    Created by: MiniMaddKat

    Hopefully I have one of the best parkour realms! ;D
  • HinterHinter Member, Retired Moderator
    Realm Name: Game of Thrones
    Category: Games
    Creator: Superxtreme
    Simply one of the best mazes in the entire game.
  • CamlannCamlann Member
    Realm Name:Hinter's Amusement Park

    One of the most greatest amusement park I've ever go to and make me feels I'm like a 7 yr old beans kid

    Realm name:The question mark
    Category:Puzzle Realm
    Creator:Dr.mystero or Steampunk HeLLes

    Better need your logic ness and read all signs for more understanding about the map,and the one of the best quest map
  • BJDwareBJDware Down underMember, Retired Moderator

    Steampunk HeLLes

    steampunk heiies
  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
    Alright so in order to give this some kind of final date, I'll keep accepting nominations till this Friday, and then I'll make the new voting topic. So if you're planning to nominate a realm do it soon!
  • The question mark for top 5 game/adventure realm
  • Qbee essentials for shop
  • justmegjustmeg Member
    I'd like to nominate:

    Realm Name: Rare Candy - Pixel Art Realm
    Category: Pixel Art
    It's one of the best pixel art realms out there, without a doubt.


    Room: T-Rex 2D Pixel Art
    Realm Name: Jurassic Park (to the left of the helicopter)
    Category: Pixel Art
  • DjedoDjedo Member
    BJDware said:

    I Cannot believe nobody has nominated shoque or hinter ( well one build has ) yet.

    I really had great time with my friend exploring Shoque Island, especially mountain peaks and finding the lost Kremler race. It is sad that creator is not on anymore.
    I would like to nominate that realm.

    For parkour my nomination goes to Dawnbridge v1.1's realm Whatever and stuff.
    When you enter his realm just walk until the end of hall, walk through door and prepare for some hard but fun parkour. It's work in progress but its excellent even now.
  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
    Shoque has come and gone. He could easily be back one day.
  • Da  LegendDa Legend LebanonMember
    Best clan realm:
    BillyBoo Clan

    Best parkours:
    The Green Hills (Within BillyBoo Clan)
  • iBunniezillaiBunniezilla New ZealandMember
    iBunniez's Wild Ride - Scenic
  • GenexGenex Member
    Yes sir In The Krampus Den Krampus Head
  • Sir. PixelSir. Pixel EnglandMember
    For shop : Sir Pixel's Retail Park

  • Ultra.Ultra. Member
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    BA HQ By Limited, it has Game rooms, a City, Clan. Its a well designed Clan City just like Sandstormcity. Realm names: BA HQ, Sandstormcity. The room with games is too the left after you go through the gate in the Building made with stone, lava, Bars.
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