The TOP realms! (May 2016)

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We all want to discover cools realms and see nice designs but sometimes it can be a little hard to find the best work. So, lets have a little vote/game/contest to see if we can highlight some excellent Cubic Castles designs.

So, what are the best player created realms in Cubic Castles? Please nominate your choices for...

1) Top 5 Parkour Realms
2) Top 5 Scenic Realms
3) Top 5 Cubic Castle Player Shops
4) Top 5 Pixel Art Realms
5) Top 5 Game Realms
6) Top 5 Story/Adventure Realms

Since the official realms already get noticed as quests and through events etc.. No need to nominate those. Lets focus on realms created by regular players. This includes mod realms of course, but would exclude things like quest realms or town center etc... If it works out we can do it again in a few months.

Once and if there's enough nominees I'll make a voting thread with polls.

Nominations will end Friday May 20


Nominations so far...
- If one of your nominations is listed here with a question please clarify where it can be found
- Also if I've mis-categorized a nomination then let me know and I'll move it
- Lastly I added a couple I felt were missing.. my own nominations I guess
- Please nominate more realms to fill in the lighter categories if you can... If not for voting I may have to combine some categories. I know there's a lot more pixel art etc.. out there.
- Also I added a new category. Clan realm.

- North Pole Village
- Some Help
- Jurassic Park
- The oriental residence
- Slime hill
- Berk-Httyd fan world (Room entrance in Nagem's realm, door near entrance with sign that says "Berk"
- Mayan Temple
- Nerdvana
- Knop Museum
- Tech1992's Realm (renamed to TimeTravellerMuseum?)
- Golden Castle (The Krampus Den door in Krampus head?)
- Tomk2005's realm
- Scenic Realms
- Perfct's Place
- Madame Angel's Wonderland
- Cubic Concert Arena (johnpaolo's Realm, door with sign for Cubic Concert Arena)
- The Shire
- Rolim's Pad
- Geleia's Village
- Red Murk Bay (Room in Coral Cove near entrance)
- Summer Trip
- Corkscrew island
- Steamshire
- Kokopelli's Kingdom
- Gdog's kennel
- Harry-Potter's LOBBY
- Sandstormcity
- TheTimMan's Farm
- Bigbootyinthehouse
- Mega bunny home realm
- Airport City
- Haunted Museum
- Officer Fancy's police station!
- Knop Library
- LD's Bridge
- Dinosaur Park
- Shoque isle
- Ichaival AUTO
- Ichaival City
- The Cubic Museum
- SunBall Arena
- iBunniez's Wild Ride
- The Maytime
- When in Rome ((The actual build is in a room connected to the realm. The realm is small, so it's easy to find ^^))
- Kokopelli's Kingdom
- Hellesania - Hellesania Castle door
- Hellesania - Hellesania Colosseum door

- Hellesania Clan
- the Kingdom of Royal Dogs
- Redwood Souls
- Nevarwel's Legacy Clan HQ
- The Assassins Clan Lobby
- BillyBoo Clan
- Blue Angles HQ
- Knights of the Blood Oath HQ

- Dawn &'Pys's Shop
- One shop above all
- Death Reaper's Shop
- Dream Team Store
- Shopping Central
- Superxtreme - Super Mall
- Mom's Shop
- Stevenlol's Awsome Shop
- Sunny Markets
- MAOU's Shop
- Qbee Boutique
- Spooon's Sky Market
- Floating Island Shop
- MaryMoon's Shop
- Shirley_lozb's Shop
- Qbee essentials
- Sir Pixel's Retail Park
- Uraza and MissMooMell's Shop
- Green, Angelic Cats Shop and house

- The huge snowy mountain
- The blue course 2
- The Tower of Fortune
- The Mirror Course
- The Lava Crack Course

- The Bone Course ( Can use search bumper OR ... go to Gdog's kennel and look for bone entrance near main entrance)

- Endless Weird Tower
- Bloody Sky Course
- The Fairy Course
- Temple of the elements (go to Hinters amazing amusements follow the green glass to a wood covered door this will bring you to the lobby.. the door to Temple is to the right first hallway)

- The Red Course 2
- The Red Course 2.2
- The Red Course 2.3
- The Metal Course 2
- The Windy Course
- Hinter's amazing amusements
- The Pink Course
- Dawnbridge v1.1's realm Whatever and stuff (When you enter his realm just walk until the end of hall, walk through door)
- The Green Hills (Within BillyBoo Clan)
- Magd's world (also found in hellesania)

- Ecklair's Home
- Nevarwel's Legacy game room (Games)
(Enter Nevarwel's Legacy Clan HQ and go to the portan that says Treasure hunt / Snakes n' Ladders / Chess)
- Afterlife
- Silent Hill
- Ok Adventure
- Atlantean Tale (Room in Coral Cove near entrance)
- Stranded Islands
- Sphinx (First realm part of pharoah's course series of rooms by TheTimMan)
- Siddd's Fallout Quest
- Bomberzone Easter Land
- Nevarwel's Legacy: Story of Dragons
(Enter Nevarwel's Legacy Clan HQ then enter the room that says Clan hangout)
- StoryBrook
- Tribute To Wonderland
- Rapid's Haunted Mansion
- Elliot
- Bunny Burrow (incorrect name?)
- The question mark
- Hinter's amazing amusements
- Game of Thrones

Pixel Art
- Mona Lisa (Room in Knop Museum)
- :Psych:'s Pixel Art
- Santa 3D (Room where?)
- Krampus 3D (Room Where?)
- "Caged Creativity" (Room in Coral Cove near entrance)
- 3D motorbike (Dudo50 realm 0- Once u come in go to left u might find it. There are signs all the way... Good luck)
- Godzilla (room? Realm? Where is this?)
- Elliot
- Rare Candy
- T-Rex 2D Pixel Art (Jurassic Park (to the left of the helicopter))



  • North Pole Village: By Happiness. Some help by PEgaming. For Top 5 Scenic Realms
  • pysinopysino WA Australia Member
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    I think I have one of the best top 5 Cubiccastles Layout shop. Name: Dawn &'Pys's Shop
    Oh and Mazik Helped
  • Mcwolf the SaneMcwolf the Sane BangladeshMember
    edited May 2016
  • One shop above all for cubic castles player shops
  • CD87CD87 Member
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    Question: Are rooms count as realms?
    My current nominees:
    +The Huge Snowy Mountain (Top 5 parkour + top 5 scenic)
    +Afterlife (Top 5 story)
    +The Blue Course 2 (Top 5 parkour)
    +Death Reaper's Shop (Enter Death_God13004's Realm, then go south and enter the door that has a cash register next to it) (Top 5 shops)
  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
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    I suppose a room could count. There's no problem with it being a room per se. The real difficulty with rooms is it's hard for people to find them and form an opinion to vote. So if you nominate a room, be sure to also give detailed clear instructions on how it's found. If a great room is hidden at the end of some maze of doors with no signs, then of course fewer people will see it. (also if you're a room owner that's been nominated adding some signs near the entrance to help people find it wouldn't hurt!)
  • Swissy DreamerSwissy Dreamer Playing with Asriel,Frisk,And CharaMember
    jurassic park for the top 5 scenic realm
    made by justmeg
  • HellesHelles Member
    edited May 2016
    My nominations,

    1) Hellesania (Realm) [scenic]

    You can find in it 2 rooms,
    Hellesania Castle
    Hellesania Colosseum

    2) Magd's world [parkour]

    3) Hellesania Clan (under construction)

  • GollumGollum South AfricaMember, Retired Moderator
    The Oriental Residence
    The best player house I have ever seen.
    The amount of detail and effort that was put into the house, makes it legendary
    And the roof, wow, that roof on the house. Words cannot explain how fabulous it is <3, Like, If I could Wed a roof, that roof would be the one.
    My nomination for best scenic realm
  • *Ram**Ram* Member
    Hmm Slime hill for scenic view
    By xBoxy and xNexy
    It is built in the starter castle but still has good view :D
  • scenic: Berk-Httyd fan world by =secrecy=.It's a room.Realm: nagem's realm->door next to entrace->search for the door with sign that says "Berk".
  • For top 5 cubic castles player shops:
    Realm name: Dream Team Store
  • SuperxtremeSuperxtreme The NetherlandsGame Moderator
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    Scenic Realms

    Jurassic Park by @JustMeg
    Mayan Temple by Littleguy
    Nerdvana by @Chickthulhu

    Cubic Castle Player Shops

    Shopping Central by Sir Curtis
    Super Mall by Superxtreme
    Cubic Mom's Realm by @Cubic Mom

    Pixel Art Realms

    Mona Lisa by *beaveristic*

    Parkour & Games Realms

    The Tower of Fortune by Superxtreme
    The Mirror Course by @Ang3lbee & @MrEd
    Hinter's amazing amusements by @Hinter
  • =Secrecy==Secrecy= Member
    edited May 2016
    tech1992's realm for scenic realms.
    He built a museum of time so we can visit dinos or vikings and more and we can learn something(there are signs with infos) :D
    (Hi realm is not finished|tech1992 will change the realm name to "TimeTravellerMuseum" when it's Finish)
  • xXBad WolfXxxXBad WolfXx Dancing S(O3O)/Member
    One of the top pixel arts I love is one by :Psych:
    I believe the realm name was
    :Psych:'s Pixel Art

    As for top 5 parkor?
    I Really like Mr. penguins
    "The Lava Crack Course"
  • GenexGenex Member
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    In The Krampus Den In The Krampus Head Is The Golden castle Check it out =)Creator:Error in File:Qbee. Exe
  • My realm is a scenic tropical realm! and a so so shop desing. Realm name:Tomk2005's realm

    Also the Oriental residence is a spetacular realm! fully detailed player house! 10/10 realm!
  • CanItBeDoneCanItBeDone The Universe; The Milky Way Galaxy; The Solar System; Earth; North AmericaMember
    Just a question, are we ever going to add more doorways to realms in the Cubic Town Center?
  • Room Santa 3D and krampus 3D thanks you :) @BJDware RUFFF
  • My shop: Stevenlol's Awsome Shop
  • IcyTamTamIcyTamTam Member
    edited May 2016
    Scenic Realms: By JustMeg

    Shop: Superxtreme- Super Mall

    Parkour: The Bone Course, by Gdog. It is a realm :)

  • PerfctPerfct Member
    I hate to nominate myself, but I think my realm, Perfct's Place is fairly nice :)
  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
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    Go ahead and nominate your own realms guys, if you think they have a chance to be voted up. The point of this is really to try and discover nice new realms that we all might have missed. It's a shame to have so many great builds in the game and never see them!

    Just a question, are we ever going to add more doorways to realms in the Cubic Town Center?

    I have added a few recently. There are always some being added slowly.
  • MoxxiechuMoxxiechu Prolly some ocean (FL.)Member
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    TOP 5's

    Scenic Realms
    Madame Angel's Wonderland

    Parkour Realms
    The Bone Course
    Found in: Gdog's Kennel

  • SeiichiSeiichi Anime WorldMember
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    For Scenic Realms/Rooms:
    My Build Cubic Concert Arena Located At
    johnpaolo's Realm Find The Door For Named Cubic Concert Arena I Hope u Like it :D
    Palm Springs commercial photography
  • CD87CD87 Member
    eagence said:

    Parkour & Race Realms/Rooms:
    CD's Blue Course (sadly old form was kinda better and clasic)
    Dede's Red Courses

    Do you know that you have to post the names of the realms? ._.
  • BJDwareBJDware Down underMember, Retired Moderator

    Missing Game Realms.
    Cannot forget the games that are made out there. Board games, puzzles, mazes etc.

    Then there is also story/adventure builds.
  • ZephaniaZephania Member
    edited May 2016
    Well, I recently finished a Realm Shop of mine named "Sunny Markets" and I'm quite proud of it, I used a blend of cheerful colors and Cherry Blossom Leaves to really make it bright, colorful and just pop out, and I feel it matches the Realm Name quite correctly. I'd appreciate it if you were to check it out sometime. :)


    And with that I give you my list of nominees for each Category.

    Parkour Realms:

    • Endless Weird Tower

    Scenic Realms:

    • Jurassic Park

    • The Oriental Residence

    • The Shire

    • Rolim's Pad

    • Geleia's Village

    Shop Realms:

    • MAOU's Shop

    • Sunny Markets

    • Qbee Boutique

    • Spooon's Sky Market

    • Floating Island Shop

    Pixel Art Realms:

    Game Realms:

    • Ecklair's Home

    Story/Adventure Realms:

    • Silent Hill

    • JustMeg's Cubic Jail Dungeon Contest Entry

    • Ok Adventure


    I will be updating this list shortly.

  • Since i get alot of compliments on design/looks/layout... I'll add my shop in for a nomination too and hope everyone else agrees....
    MaryMoon's Shop
  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
    BJDware said:


    Missing Game Realms.
    Cannot forget the games that are made out there. Board games, puzzles, mazes etc.

    Then there is also story/adventure builds.

    BJDware said:


    Missing Game Realms.
    Cannot forget the games that are made out there. Board games, puzzles, mazes etc.

    Then there is also story/adventure builds.

    OK I will add these categories but I fear we won't get enough nominees to vote on them. If there are too few I may lump them into a miscellaneous category for voting.
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