Clan Race Tournament - Showcase!

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As the tournament is now finished, all 12 race rooms have been opened to the public! You can find them in our "Cubic Clan Race 2016" showcase realm.

Clan Race Tournament: (ENDED)


New race blocks are here, and so is a brand new clan event!
Here’s your chance to race against other clans on brand new twelve courses that were never seen before. Think your clan members are good in parkour, puzzles, and treasure hunting? Get them on board and try to win some great prizes.

To enter, the clan leaders (or representatives) will have to pick one person for each of the races. There will be a total of 12 races, and so at least 6 participants will be required. Each race will last for 20 minutes. If the assigned person doesn't turn up 15 minutes before the race, no points will be received. Every participant can enter a race a maximum of three times, so after you've had a go at three races, somebody else has to go.

Warning - Anyone caught cheating will disqualify their clan from the tournament. We will be double-checking the results against our game logs.

Note - You can't just have one person run all the races because they're the best at parkour in your clan. It's a CLAN race. We've been a little lenient because sometimes people have trouble finding times etc.. but if you've already run 3x you will need to let other clan members or new clan members have a go for you. That includes using ALT accounts. It doesn't count as 2 racers if you and your alt both run.


For the second part of the races:

1. Clan leaders or representatives are required to post their registrations on this thread:

2. Each contestant is required to have active profile on the forums.

3. Be active on the forums 15 minutes before your designated race, we’ll distribute room passwords via forum pm’s. (Sharing the password will get you disqualified)

4. Be ready to enter the race room in Cubic Town Center immediately after the password is received.

5. The race starts as soon as the scaffold cage gets pulled, and the 20 minute timer starts.

You will then have to try to:

  • Get the fastest time in the race block leaderboard.

  • Bonk any hidden guestblocks. (Tip: Bring a wand)

  • Solve the puzzles, get the password, and bonk the guestblock behind the locked puzzle door.

  • Find the hidden Qbee treasure and bonk the guestblock located inside!

6. After you see the blue “Race End” message, leave the room.


All races are a day apart and take place at different times. So, even if you’re in a different time-zone, don’t worry, you’ll find a race that suits you. (Times are written in the 24 hour format)

First part of the races:

1st Race - 21st of April 6:00 Cubic Time (PT)
2nd Race - 23rd of April 12:00 Cubic Time (PT)
3rd Race - 25th of April 18:00 Cubic Time (PT)
4th Race - 27th of April 22:00 Cubic Time (PT)
5th Race - 29th of April 6:00 Cubic Time (PT)
6th Race - 1st of May 12:00 Cubic Time (PT)

Second part of the races:

7th Race - 11th of May 16:00 Cubic Time (PT)

8th Race - 13th of May 18:00 Cubic Time (PT)

9th Race - 15th of May 12:00 Cubic Time (PT)

10th Race - 18th of May 14:00 Cubic Time (PT)

11th Race - 20th of May 06:00 Cubic Time (PT)

12th Race - 22nd of May 10:00 Cubic Time (PT)



For the second part of the races:

Points are earned in four ways; achieving the fastest time, bonking all hidden questblocks, solving hidden puzzles, and finding the hidden Qbee treasure. The points are then added up to the clan's total after each race.

1st - 10 points.
2nd - 7 points.
3rd - 5 points.
4th - 3 points.
5th - 1 point.

Hidden Guestblock:
2 Points for each.

Solving Puzzles:
5 Points for solving the puzzle and bonking the guestblock behind passworded puzzle doors.

Qbee Treasure
3 Points for finding the treasure and bonking the guestblock inside.

Mega Puzzle: (Final Only)
10 points.


UPDATE: Prizes were significantly increased!

Probably the bit you’ve just scrolled to look at first, skipping all the information. But I assure you, it is worth it!

IMPORTANT - Note that all the below prizes will be split amongst the clan race participants. So, if your clan wins, the prize will be split in between you and other race participants from your clan.

1st Place:


2nd Place:


3rd Place:


4th Place:


5th Place:


6th Place:


7th Place:


8th Place:


9th Place:


10th Place:


There is a designated leaderboard in another thread for this tournament. It will display the results and what clans are in the lead:

And don’t forget… team spirit is all that counts in the end!

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