Pet suggestions for upcoming packs

1.Unicorn Kennel (Small easter horse)
Sound: None
Walks:like Reindeer

1.Crab Kennel (Small Crab)
Sound: Snapping its claw
Walks: Left sided walk while Snapping its claw

2.Clam Kennel (Small Clam)
Sound: no idea
Walks: Snapping its mouth while jumping (close open close open) but without sound

3.Sea Orchins! Would be Rarest!
(3 Purple Orchins! 1(Big) 2(Small)
Sound: like sniffy rough light sound
Walks: Like a chick pet ONLY walks NOT the sound of chick pet e.e

It would be also can added orchin pieces if lvl49 or if lvl added like spiders and chicks :D

Kitchen Pack II (IF there will be):
1.Definitley not soda Kennel
Sound: None
Walks: Jumping with a sound of shaking soda plastic cup

1.Ghost Grave
Sound: No idea
Walks: It Floats while following in qbee and it looks a Ghost Decor from Halloween 2019 but it will be kinda different ofcourse

Pets that will be available in store:
1.Koala Kennel
Sound: No idea
Walks: Normal like other pets like Dogs,Cats,Reindeers etc.

New dogs!:
2.Golden Retriever
3.Shitzu's (while leveling up it would not be upgrading the size xD

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