New mining realm(s)? More Craftable blocks?

Hi, so uhm. The title is pretty much explanatory....

I'm suggesing new mining realms and more craftable blocks :3

If you were to add new mining realms, perhaps add new ores on those new mining realms? And with those new ores you could make new craftable blocks/items or something.. i don't really know lol.

Now another thing with "More craftable blocks" I uhm... want some blocks that are from packs to be craftable :> High state floor blocks look great! Rainbow blocks and so much more~ :3

BUT seeing as there are cons... I'm kind of second guessing on the ideas e.e

These ideas just popped up in my head out of the blue lol.

My bad for any grammatical mistakes! I haven't had any sleep, huhu


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    Uhm... Uhm... Uhm, I definitely think more rainbow blocks would be nice too! Easter blocks always look really charming.
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