IronFish's Art Commisions :3

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Qbee style:

Colored, minimal shading: 500c
With shading: 1k
Lineless: 1.5k
Minimal shading
With shading
ThatQbeemaxreinCubic PencilHyperHamsterHero
Valentines day art

Qbee human-ish:
Head to waist: 2.5k
Full body: 4k
Naughty Elf

Human/Anime Style: 7.5k expensive cuz its hard to draw :/
Honey Bomb
Me also :P

All drawings will be sent with background. Additional requests like name beside character, pose, etc can be specified if u want

Please also inform me if you have paid, I only have 1 tip piggy

Suggestions are welcome :D

1. Maxrein (unpaid)
2. HyperHamsterHero (unpaid)

I will sometimes do one drawing/sketch for free with random category on random occasions in which i will anounce on my activity wall so stay tuned! :)


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    Bump, added one more example
  • CubicPencilCubicPencil Member
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    I'll take one!
    With shading

    Press hat
    Suit jacket
    Black pants
    Fox tail
    Mooner pack
    Rainbow shield sunglasses
    Maybe put a pencil in my ear? (Dont make an ear lol just put a pencil somewhere in that area)

    Could I have an artistic background ?

    Payed :)
  • IronFishIronFish Member
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    You can pay at my realm IronFish's Shop, PvP, and More! theres a tip piggy there

    I will send to you the drawing around Tuesday :)
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    Finished it earlier :D

    Dont ask me how the pencil can hang there lol
  • IronFishIronFish Member
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    bump! accepting more commisions!

    Note to those who requested: Please inform me if you have already paid as i only have one tip piggy (payments will get mixed up e.e). Thanks
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    I'll take one!
    Fishing Hat
    Fishing Vest
    Fishing Pants
    Blue Backpack
    Fishing Rod
    Round Shades

    If you could make me leaning up against a fashionable Pinkster That would be awesome! I'll take shading but add another 500c for the car. Then just a cool background that would remind you of racing! total of 1.6k I'll pay for it.
  • IronFishIronFish Member
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    I tried my best >_<

    Old one:

    @ HyperHamsterHero I got rid of the backpack and the fishing rod into the corner if u dont mind hehe
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    IronFish said:

    I tried my best >_<

    @ HyperHamsterHero I got rid of the backpack and the fishing rod into the corner if u dont mind hehe
    That right there... Is border line awesome. I'll make sure to pay you by the end of the day.
  • IronFishIronFish Member
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    aww thanks, c:

    Edit: @ HyperHamsterHero I uploaded a new image, with a bit of corrections hehe
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