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So before it was shut down; I used to play this game called Kaneva and one of the things I really enjoyed about the game was that players could spend game currency to upload their own custom clothing designs using the games website. I was thinking, if it wouldn't be too impossible to do, that CC could have an online shop where players could upload their own clothing designs using templates from base game clothing (pants and shirts).

Players would have to spend a certain amount of game currency to be given a...maybe a special swirl around the players name in game that would look like a needle and swirling multicolored thread that they could enable and disable like the swirl. They could also get a special status on the forum saying Designer or something like that. Players could even choose the length of time they wish to be able to upload/design by paying using a period of 3 days (lowest price), 1 month (mid price) or 3 months (highest price). Once a players Designer period has ended they will no longer be able to upload designs, additionally their uploaded designs will no longer be sold in the shop until they once more have the Designer label.

With this special status players will be given quicker access to png. templates for pants and shirts. Players can download the images and draw in their own clothing texture and then download it into the custom clothing shop with their own custom price. Now I understand that some players like to troll and might try to take advantage of this so before their items show up in shop it will go through a peer review system. Once the item has been voted positive a certain amount of times for following cc rules the item will then be uploaded to the shop; however if the item receives even a single flag it will be sent higher up for review to either be approved or removed.

If players try to upload a design that doesn't follow CC rules then the Designer will receive warnings similar to in game warnings. Too many warnings could result in the player being permanently banned from Designing. In case the peer review fails and an inappropriate item is uploaded the mods could have a special ability that would allow them to see a players wardrobe where they can then click the custom item and be shown the Designer name so that it can be handled accordingly.

I feel like something like this could take a long time to design but I would love for this to be possible in the future. Anyway I hope you all like it and I would love to hear feed back either way.

**Edited** One last thing, to prevent players from just mass uploading in a short period and stock piling their creations to sell in game, after a Designer loses their status their designs will no longer be able to be worn in game and its item icon will change to have a block symbol over the original icon (shirt or pant with rainbow color). **Edited**

Happy Time Zones and Happy Gaming Everyone
Custom Clothing Shop???
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