Resources Corporation

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Welcome to Resources Corporation

What are we?

We are a clan made of variety of ranks that all together create a well developed resource system!

Our clan have a few jobs positions: Miner, HQ worker, Industry worker (might be changed in future), Industry secretary and Directory.

Introducing to positions

Miners are people who make clean profit by mining and then selling mined to Directory

HQ workers are miners who have HQ offices

Industry workers are verified Clan-mates that showed incredible loyality and trustworthness to our clan, having their own roles.

Industry secretaries are responsible for Corporation's Sub-Industries such as Currency management, HQ management etc...

All the workers are able to sell resources, no matter what ranks they are. they may sell the resources to any of the Director at any time. Prices are listed in a clan price list, found inside the realm ''Resources Corporation''.

If you need any more information, you can direct contact me, I can introduce more to the clan.


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