Since 2013 till 2020, this feature still not yet added into the game...........

Hi, I'm an old veteran player of Cubic Castle yet I always wanted this feature to be added into the game!

So what is this feature?

A whisper or message button for friend list! It is so annoying till these day this feature haven been added into the game. We can't even send a message to friend in different realm. It would be really better, I meant a lot better to be able to send messages/whispers even we are in the different realm.
A new message system
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  • AzsimuthAzsimuth Member
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    There is a whisper feature
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    He is not talking about the typical whisper, he is speaking of the ability to communicate to friends who are not in the same room/realm. Like an instant messenger but in game.
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  • Elemental godElemental god The netherlandsMember
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    nice and all, but i see people misusing this by making a fake account and adding everyone they see and then just using that as free holla's
  • IronFishIronFish Member
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    this feature benifits players a lot but this can also be distracting to mods as players might chat them quite alot though...
  • *Aaronn**Aaronn* Member
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    IronFish said:

    this feature benifits players a lot but this can also be distracting to mods as players might chat them quite alot though...

    Oh yes, so to prevents that happen another button can be added into the game which is 'Do Not Disturb' so users will not receiving any whispers/messages but still can chat in the same realm. seems fair enough? Since there's already appear offline button might as well......

  • Error404Error404 Member
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  • DoodleDogDoodleDog Member
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  • CubicPencilCubicPencil Member
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    Cc upgrades from using letters to sending cubic emails with realm set up computers lol
    Though I agree with this +1
  • VadalekVadalek Member
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    maybe it could come in the form of texting like on a mobile device or something
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  • Naughty EIfNaughty EIf Member
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    Yes. This would be useful if some of your friends don't have forums or discord or if a realm is locked, +1
  • Boom Tks*Boom Tks* FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    Still, adding this might be a problem as keeping it as text it might lag players, and it definitely will increase the MB size of CC
  • samesharkusamesharku Member
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    What would the purpose of mailboxes be then?
  • ShwiftyShwifty Member
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    That's convenient, still if someone's world isnt open and I had to waste a whole day just to meet the person
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