Some ideas by Bonbongo!

Add: police officer uniform,builder uniform,stick hand item,ruler hand item,remove wand icon on hand item,more variant capes,baseball bat hand item,dual hand item should be cool,sushi knife,add item that has variant effect:floating,spinning,bouncy,blood drop,
Add variant shoes,pants:soldier pants with boots.
Tuxedo with variant colour tie
Slack pants,pajamas ducky/love/wavery/star,pajamas pants ducky/love/wavery/star.
Slack pants,ripped pants,fur pants.
Animal costume:panda body,brown bear body,wolf body,etc
Add more dye colour variant:light purple,light blue,pure black,brownie brown.
Etc:tree bark pants and suit,robber pants and suit

Add ultra fast transporting device:its like a device which you could open tabs in REALM AND OVERWORLDand you could search realm name and teleport instantly to the located place(similar to search bumper but handy version)
Add robotic sound to space pet:type f,type n type idk
Vehicle and highway pack:cozy wozy limozy (a car),grummy(grumman f3f-2 in google),cabs(taxi)

Extra from vehicle:a car which 2 person can ride in(its a easy system and it doesn't troll people,person who own the car would drive it, passenger must wait 2 second to (get in) button appear. Passenger could get off the car by jumping out(this related to cabs(taxi))

Again, this is by Bonbongo!


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