Two ideas that I had in mind

I have two suggestions that I want to be added in the game
My first suggestion: fishing. You should be able to fish in a minimum of 5x5 water ponds. You have a chance of getting random garbage like dirt blocks, a chance of getting fish that can be fed to a cat or cooked and fed to a dog (sausages are too boring and expensive) and a chance of getting a 50-100 cubit hat. There can be different types of fishing rods: there should be at least one fishing rod that can be craftable with sticks and strings. Otherwise, you can buy them in the cubit store. My suggestion adds another side quest to the game, like farming, and solves the problem of boredom that most people have. Also, it opens more opportunities for awesome builds.

My second suggestion: rollercoasters. Different colored rollercoaster tracks and carts can either be bought or crafted, most likely bought in the cubit store as a pack. There can be different tracks like normal tracks, chain track (brings you upwards) and boost tracks. It can almost be like a car, except you don't drive it, and it's a lot cooler. My suggestion adds another form of entertainment to the game (it's fun for both rich players [to build it] and noob players [to ride it]) and opens opportunities for awesome builds. (also I had a dream about rollercoasters in cubic castles so it should definitely be added, right..?


  • Alvin AdlerAlvin Adler Member
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    About rollercoaster idk..

    Fishing +1, its been suggested since 2years ago and not still added, hope they add it
  • Naughty EIfNaughty EIf FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    Yes, fishing has been suggested before. I like the idea of getting a random item. I also like the idea of buying a fishing rod with different prices that maybe give you different rarity or items you get from fishing.
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