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Spud bugs//slymes//love bugs need to be able to activate note blocks.

I have always wanted to make a theme song for my shop, but I came across a problem, unless I go into my shop and spend my time bouncing on the blocks, I won't be able to have my song working and so I thought, why aren't spud bugs and such able to bounce on Note blocks? I think this is very important for those who love music and would like to make some. This wouldn't change the game that much and I can imagine it would be easy to add. And so I ask that @SirKewberth would add this into the game with the Valentine update
Should this idea be added?
  1. Maybe these should be added? (Yes) or (No)17 votes
    1. YES! I love music and would love to see this added
    2. I like music and all but I don't think this should be added


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