Doodlers Valentines Art Contest! WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

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Hello! Our clan, Doodlers, will be holding a Valentines Art Contest!

About the Event

It will start on the 1st of February and will end on the 20th of February!

Results will be posted here on the forums.
Prizes will be given in-game via a tip piggy or by meeting up.

The theme will be Valentines! Draw anything related to Valentines! Must also be related to Cubic Castles!


1st: 35,000c
2nd: 20,000c
3rd: 10,000c


1. Only 1-2 entries per person.
2. No copying and no tracing.
3. Go with the theme.
4. Please respect other participants.

You will be disqualified if you break any rule.

Please join our Discord server for more information about future events!:

If you have any questions about this event please comment or PM me. :D


Is this event only for clan members?
No, this event is for everyone.

Can you only draw digitally?
No, both traditional and digital drawings are allowed.

The results are here!

1st: Happy_Cube

2nd: IronFish

3rd: Nightbreeze

Congratulations to the winners! And thank you all for joining!


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